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  • Learn How To Set Up a Logitech Rally Camera in 10 Steps or Less

    By AV Geekman On 15 May 2019
    Logitech Rally delivers studio-quality video, unmatched voice clarity, and RightSense™ automation for better meetings with video conferencing applications that work with USB devices, including Zoom, Google Hangouts Meet, and Microsoft Skype® for Business.
  • Why UDX Large Venue Projectors Provide Unbelievable Experiences

    By Mark Decker On 06 May 2019
    VIDEO: Barco’s large venue projectors will change the game for rental companies and AV Integrators. The most compact, high-brightness laser projectors on the market, the UDX projectors deliver reliable, razor-sharp 4K images for every type of event and venue.
  • Starin's Work From Home Tips

    By AV Geekman On 20 Mar 2020
    At Starin, we practice what we preach.  This means that our entire organization from the outside sales teams, to the warehouse staff, are all fully engaged via Zoom.  We use all facets of the Zoom platform and have for many years.  From webinars to personal conferencing to Zoom Rooms and our latest addition Zoom phones, we personally engage and utilize these tools daily. 
  • Work From Home - Start at the Beginning; The Set Up 

    By AV Geekman On 20 Mar 2020
    You will need a device whether it’s a PC or a laptop to engage in your day to day activities.  This includes meetings with others remotely.  Most laptops will come with a built-in microphone and camera.  Let’s face facts, rarely are these devices at the top of the food chain.  This leads to poor video or audio quality which can stop a meeting from being a success right out of the gate. 
  • Rebels & Flux Podcast Episode 19: UC & USB

    By Chris Neto On 14 Nov 2019
    On this week’s Rebels & Flux we chat with Bryan Hellard, Researcher at Wainhouse Research. Bryan is self-proclaimed UC nerd who loves conferencing cameras. Bryan gives up the scoop on USB camera trends in the conference room, how important has the framing feature been to the advancement of conference cameras and Where are auto tracking & PTZ cameras today? We close out talking about glaciers, how to stay plugged in while on Vacation and how dumb comedies are better than dramas.
  • Rebels & Flux Podcast Episode 18: Who is in Control?

    By Chris Neto On 07 Nov 2019
    On this episode of Rebels & Flux we meet Eric Cantrell, VP of Business Operations at Medialon. We jump right into the big news of Medialon being acquired by 7th Sense Design this past summer and what that means for Medialon moving forward. We discuss how Show Control differs from traditional AV control. Eric then shares some career advice for those looking to pursue a career as a stagehand/show technician. We wrap up this episode by uncovering two local spots for good Food & Drinks while in Orlando.
  • Introducing Logitech "Tap" for Zoom Rooms

    By Bobby Swartz On 14 May 2019
    Logitech is launching a device called Logitech Tap, a touch display that strives to take up less space and integrate with collaboration platforms from Zoom, Google, and Microsoft.
  • Take the mystery out of 70.7v systems

    By Clay Stahlka On 23 Apr 2019
    Do you install sound systems in Houses of Worship? Perhaps you configure sound systems into sports bars and restaurants? Do you ever tackle large projects like stadium and arena sound systems?
  • 10 Reasons to Have a CS100 Huddle in Your Enterprise

    By Chase Bernhardt On 16 May 2019
    For those short catch-ups or instant brainstorms, the ClickShare CS-100 Huddle brings spontaneous content sharing to huddle spaces and small meeting rooms.
  • Case Study | Take Video Conferencing on the Road

    By Bobby Swartz On 14 May 2019
    Zoom is a leading software platform for enterprise video and audio conferencing, online meetings and mobile collaboration. Anthony Lee, an account executive for Zoom, uses Logitech MeetUp and GROUP to host video meetings while on the road.
  • Pro Audio Newsletter - ElectroVoice ZLX

    By Brendan Crise On 22 May 2019
    A few months ago, I found myself needing to replace my pair of powered 15-inch speakers. I needed something that sounded great, was easy to transport, and looked sleek and professional. I want to walk you through each of my requirements, and let you know how the EV ZLX15P delivers on each one.
  • Pro Audio Newsletter - EV Evolve 50

    By Ruben Mendez On 22 May 2019
    Recently, I found myself taking stock: I have stepped out of the days of crates and cases of music, and now I am done lugging around huge dual fifteen-inch tops and eighteen-inch subs. After some extensive research, it was time to pull the trigger. I found myself asking: what can the EV Evolve 50 do for me?
  • LG Maximizing Opportunities in the Education Market

    By Bobby Swartz On 20 May 2019
    As a reseller or systems integrator, when you recommend a comprehensive digital signage solution for an educational facility you have four audiences to consider: Students, Teachers, School Administrators, and IT Directors. Each has a different goal, but all can benefit from LG Display technology.
  • LG Digital Signage And The Retail Customer Experience - eBook

    By Mark Decker On 20 May 2019
    Digital signage has been growing exponentially in the last few years and changing the retail customer experience. LG is one of the leading manufacturers of OLED 4K digital signage solutions and knows that digital signage is deepening customer engagement and driving sales.
  • Pro Audio Newsletter - CAD Audio Live 3000 Wireless System

    By Joe Estep On 14 Jun 2019
    There are many wireless systems out on the market right now, so you may find yourself asking what to look for to make sure the system you choose is a good fit for you. In this article, I will give you some pointers as well as my personal experience with an outstanding wireless system.
  • Rebels & Flux Episode 002: Face to Face with Juan Chavez of DTEN (Part 2 of 2)

    By Chris Neto On 18 Jul 2019
    Juan Chavez is back! DTEN’s energetic Channel Manager who has a passion for technology and fun. On this episode, we discover InfoComm through the eyes of a 1st timer. Discover the differences between Comic Cons and InfoComm. How do you develop a fan base? What are the value adds of an All-in-One device? What good audio means to a display manufacturer? Plus we dive into debate Pizza and bad Airports!
  • Rebels & Flux Episode 003: Being Present in the Moment

    By Chris Neto On 25 Jul 2019
    Meet Monte Bennett Barco’s Director of Distribution. Monte knows “stuff” about Barco’s Clickshare that many don’t remember. Let’s take an “Excellent Adventure” (Pun intended) with Monte back through time to understand where Clickshare came from and where it is today. We also get a glimpse into Monte’s past life as we discuss his competition Car Audio background and his contributions to Burning Man.
  • Rebels & Flux Episode 004: Bars, Restaurants, and Degrassi

    By Chris Neto On 01 Aug 2019
    This week we take a trip north to Canada to meet Jarrod Hillman. Jarrod is the Owner of Hillman AV in Regina, Saskatchewan. We start off with Jarrod giving us the Hillman AV origin story. Followed by how he built an AV business centered around the Bars & Restaurant market. Not the easiest vertical to be successful in but he reveals his strategy on what it takes. Along the way, we chat all things Canada such as Degrassi, Bryan Adams, Celine Dion and Nickelback (of course). To be continued… Part 1 of 2.
  • Rebels & Flux Episode 005: Bars, Restaurants and Degrassi Part Deux

    By Chris Neto On 08 Aug 2019
    This week we continue our conversation with Jarrod Hillman, Owner of Hillman AV in Regina, Saskatchewan Canada. We quickly dive into an AV recruitment conversation and discuss how to recruit when there’s a shortage of experienced and/or trained AV technicians. We then debate Apprenticeship vs. College Degrees and how Hillman overcame recruitment and how they solved training. We wrap up the video by discussing where to find the Best Poutine, Schitt’s Creek and the best place to Unplug. Part 2 of 2
  • Rebels & Flux Episode 007: A Programmer's Path & Perspective

    By Chris Neto On 22 Aug 2019
    This week we chat with Andrew Davis, Collaboration Solutions Programmer at Ignite CSG. Andrew is a Dual Certified AV professional who knows how to program, install and design complex AV systems. It also makes him the right person to sound off about Cybersecurity and how AV can better prepare itself. We hear the inspiration behind his articles. We get the scoop on his Alt Radio past, Which Canadian team he misses the most and where in the world is Kingsclear?