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  • Town Hall March 10, 2022: Featuring Huddly

    On 10 Mar 2022
    Starin's own Chris Neto along with Huddly as they go over some new products such as Speaker Framing for the Huddly S1 and Huddly L1.
  • Town Hall April 14, 2022: Featuring Neat

    On 14 Apr 2022
    Learn what's new with Neat at our latest Town Hall
  • Dial The Sound In With This Choir Mic From CAD

    On 22 May 2019
    If you do any kind of House of Worship production you have probably run into an issue with stage noise at some point in time especially if you are using a choir mic set up that has a wider pickup pattern. The over bleed can be anything from the minister talking to someone at the side of the stage to a baby in the first row. There is a solution though. You can use a continuously-variable pattern condenser microphone system to control the pickup pattern and dial the choir in.
  • Town Hall May 2021: Logithech featuring the new Scribe

    On 20 May 2021
    Learn how Logitech solutions empower workplace collaboration. See the new Logitech Scribe demo! Starin and Logitech help teams collaborate from anywhere, without compromising on productivity or continuity.
  • Town Hall July 2021: Featuring Neat

    On 29 Jul 2021
    Chris Neto from Starin joined our newest partner, Neat for our Townhall series. Watch as Neat gives you a glimpse of what they have to offer you and your customers
  • Press Release: Starin establishes Zoom Rooms FastTrack Service for Europe

    On 17 Jun 2019
    As Zoom’s market increases across the globe, Starin enters the European market with a dedicated facility operated by an experienced AV tech services provider in the UK and has begun providing across the continent.
  • Town Hall September 2021: Featuring LG

    On 30 Sep 2021
    Town Hall September 2021: Featuring LG
  • November Falling Prices B-stock Sale

    On 08 Nov 2021
    November falling prices B-stock sale
  • Town Hall February 2021: Featuring AVer

    On 24 Feb 2021
    What's New With AVer? Starin is excited to be announcing some really cool new product launches from AVer at our next Town Hall! Join us for our latest Starin Town Hall hosted by Chris Neto, Market Development Manager at Starin, and special guest Charles Montoya, Vice President Sales, and Marketing Video Conferencing Business Unit at AVer.
  • Town Hall March 2021: Featuring BirdDog

    On 25 Mar 2021
    Hosted by Chris Neto, Market Development Manager at Starin and our special guests Don Riegle, Vice President of Sales - Americas and Jon Knutson, Global Support Product Manager from BirdDog. On today's town hall we learn about Birddog's products. We also discuss what makes NDI video simple and how NDI moves live digital media around with your existing software applications, computing devices, and networks using what your customers already have. For more information on BirdDog please visit www.starin.biz..
  • Town Hall December 2021: Featuring Starin Year-End Wrap-Up

    On 16 Dec 2021
    Bobby Swartz, Malissa Dillman, and Chris Neto had a great time reminiscing about the past year and what the future may bring along with our special guests from Shure and Smart
  • DTEN D7 Defines Zoom Rooms

    On 14 May 2019
    DTEN's D7, the complete solution that optimizes the Zoom Rooms experience. So DTEN is now at the heart of the Zoom ecosystem.
  • Your Meetings are Highly Interactive, Your Display Should be Too

    On 14 May 2019
    The DTEN D7 brings a whole new generation of integrated technologies for collaborative meetings in one device on one of the best video conferencing platforms in the market today!
  • Case Study | Take Video Conferencing on the Road

    On 14 May 2019
    Zoom is a leading software platform for enterprise video and audio conferencing, online meetings and mobile collaboration. Anthony Lee, an account executive for Zoom, uses Logitech MeetUp and GROUP to host video meetings while on the road.
  • Introducing Starin's Key Account Manager - Paul Hendricks

    On 29 Jan 2020
    Get to know more about Paul and his interests!
  • [Archived] Zoom Rooms Eco-System Standards eBook - Delivering Hardware Happiness

    On 19 May 2019
    Expectations in our market are changing rapidly. We are here to make sure you can change just as fast, and then accelerate beyond. Our services are designed not around bringing a box or a list of gear. Our services are designed around having partnerships that allow us three real offerings.
  • [Archived] Remote Work Guide eBook

    On 20 Mar 2020
    With so many people working remotely, here are some set-ups and ways to assist as you adopt a new work lifestyle. We hope this eBook will make your transition to remote work environments easier and more effective. Whether you are only moving your teams temporarily or adopting a new platform, we are happy to assist.
  • 3 Steps to Better Design for Mass Notification, Paging and Clocks for Any School.

    On 22 May 2019
    Safety in schools is always about communications and planning. A School Paging system is critical, but a boring system that is always present. Along with that are the clocks, and in most cases a “want or need” for true mass or visual notification, though there isn’t always the budget.
  • Case Study | Fixt Uses Logitech GROUP as a Low Cost & Dynamic Business Solution

    On 20 May 2019
    Fixt provides on-site, enterprise-grade device support to modern businesses. The company needed an efficient, reliable way to collaborate and turned to Logitech GROUP for video meetings. With crystal-clear audio and razor-sharp video, Logitech GROUP helps Fixt drive productivity and results—better, faster and cheaper than ever. Hear why "if you're a young, growing technology company, you need this product."
  • Pro Audio Newsletter - EV RE3

    On 22 May 2019
    Electro-Voice (Telex) has long been an innovator and leader in the wireless world, and the new RE3 lives up to that pedigree. This much-anticipated launch includes so many new features that simply changing the model number from RE2 to RE3 hardly does it justice.