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  • Professional meetings made easy with Yealink MeetingBar Series.

    On 15 Aug 2023
    Are you looking for simple video conferencing solutions? Yealink MeetingBar series provides you with plug-and-play solutions that are perfect for small and medium rooms! With leading platforms available and wireless device mode, all meetings are made easy!
  • Unified Communications eBook 2023

    On 16 Mar 2023
    With this latest edition, you will be able to harness the power of Unified Communications for all your business endeavors.
  • Logitech Room Solution Ordering Guide | Video Collaboration

    On 23 Aug 2022
    Selecting a unified communications room solution is easy. Logitech uses a mix of products and bundles to create ready-to-deploy solutions, making your deployment as simple as possible.
  • Starin, a Midwich Group company, announces partnership with Promethean

    On 06 Nov 2023
    Starin, a value-add distributor of unified communications and pro AV products, is delighted to unveil an exciting new partnership with Promethean, a renowned global leader in interactive technology solutions. This strategic collaboration marks a significant milestone for both companies, empowering Starin to introduce Promethean's cutting-edge ActivPanel for the Workplace product portfolio to their valued customers
  • Starin Events

    On 10 Nov 2023
    See what events are coming up with Starin!
  • Town Hall November 30, 2023: Neat

    On 01 Dec 2023
    Starin meets with Neat to talk about the Neat Board 50, Neat Center, and Neat Pulse, as well as a live Q&A. Hosted by Chris Neto from Starin with Gerard Bao and Jessica Roja of Neat.
  • How to Budget for the Best Video Conferencing Setup

    On 13 Nov 2023
    Whether you’re new to video conferencing or a seasoned pro, welcome to our comprehensive buyer’s guide to choosing and investing in the most suitable video equipment for your hybrid or remote teams.
  • Introducing the INOGENI U-BRIDGE USB 2.0 camera and device extender

    On 13 Nov 2023
    The U-BRIDGE USB 2.0 video camera and audio extender enables high-speed USB 2.0 connections up to 100 m /330 ft. over a single CAT 5e/6/7 cable.
  • Town Hall November 16, 2023: Barco

    On 17 Nov 2023
    Starin meets with Barco to learn about their history and the solutions they have to offer, as well as a live Q&A. Hosted by Joe Dunbar from Starin with Faiz Rehman and Marius Braun of Barco.
  • Google Meet Lenovo Series One Room Kits

    On 28 Nov 2023
    For organizations that depend on G Suite and Google Meet to keep ideas and communication flowing, Lenovo and Google offer a turnkey, best-in-class solution that makes outfitting collaboration spaces fast, easy, and cost-efficient.
  • Town Hall December 7, 2023: Logitech

    On 11 Dec 2023
    Starin meets with Logitech to talk about the Logitech Sight, Rally Bar Huddle, their accessory options, as well as a live Q&A. Hosted by Joe Dunbar from Starin with Pike and Mike Freibrun of Logitech.

    On 14 Dec 2023
    Transform meetings and unleash the power of Microsoft Teams® with state-of-the-art video collaboration from anywhere. Logitech® solutions for huddle, small, medium, and large-sized rooms give you the flexibility to deploy as Microsoft Teams Rooms on Windows or Teams Rooms on Android, and switch as needs evolve—protecting your hardware investment.
  • Spring 2023 Education Technology Solutions ebook

    On 27 Apr 2023
    When it comes to education, audio and video systems can be the most crucial tool in making your place of learning enter a new level of communication and engagement. From college-level auditoriums to one-on-one learning opportunities, technology can find its place in any educational space – traditional or modern. Teachers know the importance of a great visual aide to allow their students to follow the lesson plan with ease, and with the assistance of audio enhancements, they can ensure their lesson reaches every eager listener.
  • 2024 Education Technology Solutions eBook

    On 01 Mar 2024
    In our latest guide, you will find the best educational technology solutions handpicked by our in-house education experts for audio, visual, and content sharing solutions designed and optimized for any learning environment.
  • Revolutionizing Communication: Advanced Network Devices' HD IP Display Solutions

    On 20 Feb 2024
    Advanced Network Devices' HD IP display devices offer cutting-edge solutions for visual communication needs in modern networks. Equipped with high-definition LCD screens, these devices deliver crystal-clear imagery, ensuring optimal visual clarity for for maps, logos, alerts, and key communications during weather, security, and other critical events..
  • B-Tech Video Bar Component Mounting Guide

    On 03 Apr 2024
    Introducing the Video Bar Component Mounting Guide from B-Tech! Elevate your video conferencing experience with precision and ease using this comprehensive guide. Install the video bars onto existing B-Tech mounting kits or create a mounting solution from scratch using B-Tech's component ranges. Mount the video bar/camera above or below the screen using adjustable mounting arms, and collars for pole mounting or fix directly onto columns. Solutions for floor, wall and ceiling mounting are available for most manufacturers.
  • B-Tech Mounts, Stands and Trolleys Reference Guide

    On 03 Apr 2024
    Introducing our comprehensive Quick Reference Guides tailored for your mounting needs! Whether you're exploring multi-screen setups, digital signage, floor stands, trolleys, flat screen wall mounts, or seeking additional mounting solutions, our guides provide quick and easy access to essential information. Streamline your decision-making process and find the perfect mounting solution with ease.
  • The Creative's Toolkit: Content Creation Essentials for Media & Entertainment

    On 03 Apr 2024
    For over 25 years, Toolfarm has been a pioneering force in software and assets for creative professionals. We have carefully curated an extensive catalog catering to the diverse needs of video editors, 3D animators, visual effects artists, motion graphic designers, and audio professionals. Our commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions has solidified our position as a leader in the ever-evolving landscape of digital content creation.
  • Experience heightened control and efficiency with LG's Command and Control products

    On 19 Mar 2024
    Introducing LG's comprehensive Command and Control solutions, designed to optimize operational efficiency and streamline management processes. The innovative solutions empower organizations with intuitive control interfaces, seamless integration capabilities, and advanced features tailored to meet diverse operational needs.
  • PRESS RELEASE: Starin Marketing Named Best Places to Work in Indiana for 4th Year

    On 14 Mar 2024
    Starin Marketing, Inc. in Chesterton, Indiana has made the list as one of the Best Places to Work in Indiana for the fourth time in its history.