About Us

What is Synergy Center?

Synergy Center is about Education and Community. Whether you are a seasoned integrator, IT professional, worship director, or are responsible for creating an experience with technology in any manner, this is about learning and sharing. Here you can find resources to help you on your journey and ask questions to get real world feedback.

What is in it for you?

Continuing education, professional growth, industry news, and information, info graphics, a growing video library, and an expanding knowledge base of information that anyone working with audio, video or communications equipment can use.  You can join a community of professionals dedicated to advancing our industries as a whole.

Connect with Starin

Synergy Center is part of the Starin Marketing world. It is a website that is maintained by Starin, but open to anyone that works with or has a passion for communications technology in any field or any size company.

Starin was founded in 1988 and has grown from a small Midwest-based organization to North American coverage.  Jim Starin, founder, built the business by empowering the team from management to all associates through principle-centered responsibility.  The company is now majority owned by its employees, creating a culture of accountability and engagement. Starin manages for EBITDA and shareholder value growth.

Fundamentally a Business Development firm, Starin performs Market Development, Channel Management, and Demand Generation functions for the associated brands it represents. This is accomplished most effectively via a high degree of brand synergy.   Starin also works with a focus on Opportunity and Profit center development for its resellers, integrators and other outlets for communications technology.  Starin maintains 100,000+ square foot of warehousing to accommodate available inventory and quick delivery. Are you a reseller? Starin is here to help you further your own development and unique goals.

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