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  • Starin Announces New Growth and Strategy

    On 15 May 2019
    Starin, specializing in the market development of digital communication solutions, is pleased to announce the addition of two key personnel enhancing their overall ability to provide even more AV solutions, Christopher Neto, CTS, and Doug Dillman, CTS-D, CTS-I.
  • PRESS RELEASE: Starin, a Midwich Group company, to bring Neat to the distribution channel

    On 02 Aug 2021
    Starin is excited to add Neat to its ‘best in class’ offering of Unified Communications hardware - joining Logitech, Poly, DTEN, LG and others with Zoom and Microsoft Teams support, Neat will help solidify Starin’s position as a global leader in UC hardware solutions space
  • Try It To Like It

    On 14 May 2019
    Starin’s Try It To Like it program allows you to try a specific product risk free for 30 days. If you like it, keep it and Starin will send you an invoice for the product you have. If you don’t like it, send it back to Starin. This allows you to try a product and see if it works for you and your customers.
  • Town Hall March 10, 2022: Featuring Huddly

    On 10 Mar 2022
    Starin's own Chris Neto along with Huddly as they go over some new products such as Speaker Framing for the Huddly S1 and Huddly L1.
  • Town Hall April 14, 2022: Featuring Neat

    On 14 Apr 2022
    Learn what's new with Neat at our latest Town Hall
  • Dial The Sound In With This Choir Mic From CAD

    On 22 May 2019
    If you do any kind of House of Worship production you have probably run into an issue with stage noise at some point in time especially if you are using a choir mic set up that has a wider pickup pattern. The over bleed can be anything from the minister talking to someone at the side of the stage to a baby in the first row. There is a solution though. You can use a continuously-variable pattern condenser microphone system to control the pickup pattern and dial the choir in.
  • Town Hall May 2021: Logithech featuring the new Scribe

    On 20 May 2021
    Learn how Logitech solutions empower workplace collaboration. See the new Logitech Scribe demo! Starin and Logitech help teams collaborate from anywhere, without compromising on productivity or continuity.
  • Town Hall July 2021: Featuring Neat

    On 29 Jul 2021
    Chris Neto from Starin joined our newest partner, Neat for our Townhall series. Watch as Neat gives you a glimpse of what they have to offer you and your customers
  • Press Release: Starin establishes Zoom Rooms FastTrack Service for Europe

    On 17 Jun 2019
    As Zoom’s market increases across the globe, Starin enters the European market with a dedicated facility operated by an experienced AV tech services provider in the UK and has begun providing across the continent.
  • Town Hall September 2021: Featuring LG

    On 30 Sep 2021
    Town Hall September 2021: Featuring LG