DTEN D7 Defines Zoom Rooms

Display 10. Maybe you had heard of this company and their interactive boards for just about any application. Maybe you noticed the transformation of the name to DTEN and questioned, what is this rebranding about? DTEN branding is about focus. In that past year, DTEN worked diligently with Zoom, and the Zoom Rooms platform to create something entirely new and versatile. Enter the D7, the complete solution that optimizes the Zoom Rooms experience. So DTEN is now at the heart of the Zoom ecosystem.

What is it?

The D7 is a collaboration of ideas. As Zoom Rooms continue to dramatically grow and expand, Zoom wanted a partner to build a complete product suite that could define the complete hardware complement. A touch display with integrated microphone, speakers and a 4K camera are just where it began. Zoom customized the Zoom Rooms software to take full advantage of the capabilities of a single device solution. The touch-control version is more robust. Together, Zoom and DTEN succeeded. The D7 was born as the leading and only Zoom Rooms all-in-one appliance. The implications to customers transcend the room experience into the acquiring and setting up a room.

Why the D7 is important.

As Zoom grows rapidly, as a market and momentum leader in UC according to Gartner Research and G2 Crowd, it is no surprise that their mission is to have as many rooms deployed as fast as possible. While Zoom creating the best meeting experiences, bar none resonates in the marketplace, the D7 fulfills the Zoom motto of “delivering happiness”, by immediate and straight-forward set-up. Out of the box, with included wall-mount, the D7 is up and running faster than any alternative. Turn on, activate the software and have a meeting.  A trial period with the software is available, even if the licensing has not been purchased yet.  

In traditional conference room approaches, it has been far too common for technology to get in the way. No more. The D7 is a dedicated appliance. It was not designed to be cross platform or open ended.  The simple user interface, installation, and upkeep make it a best in breed utility. Being an appliance to the Zoom ecosystem means that users have a consistent experience from room to room, while IT and other maintenance worries disappear. At the end of the day, meetings run smoother.

D7 is Here.

The D7 went through a stringent pilot program over the past year with over a thousand units put into use. The first batches to the wider channel sold out as fast as they landed. This is important, because this proves the solution is ready for mass deployments. It does not have the “gotchas” associated with new products. It is tested, tried and true. Customers demand the experience that it creates. If you work in meeting technology, providing, using or managing, and you are working in the Zoom ecosystem, the D7 saves you time, money and headaches of implementation and support. 

Don’t just take our word that this is the de facto standard in basic Zoom Rooms. Starin can connect the inquiring mind with a reseller who can demonstrate the capabilities and even allow you to test drive the D7. In minutes you will be a believer.

Download the D7 Guide and Spec Sheet

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