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  • Creating Meeting Equity for Hybrid work with Smart Gallery on DTEN D7

    On 01 Mar 2022
    The switch to working from home has educated all of us in how effective Zoom video meetings can be in sustaining creativity and productivity across hybrid teams. It provided a way for us to see, hear and interact with each other.
  • Meet DTEN ONboard, Purpose-built for Zoom Advanced Whiteboard

    On 01 Mar 2022
    The new DTEN ONboard is the first collaboration and digital whiteboard display purpose-built for the new Zoom Advanced Whiteboard. The 55″ DTEN ONboard allows equal access to its digital display for both in-office and remote users, promoting greater participation and optimizing inclusion. Read on to find out why the DTEN ONboard is reinventing the way we utilize our hybrid meeting spaces.
  • LG Digital Signage And The Retail Customer Experience - eBook

    On 20 May 2019
    Digital signage has been growing exponentially in the last few years and changing the retail customer experience. LG is one of the leading manufacturers of OLED 4K digital signage solutions and knows that digital signage is deepening customer engagement and driving sales.
  • Why UDX Large Venue Projectors Provide Unbelievable Experiences

    On 06 May 2019
    VIDEO: Barco’s large venue projectors will change the game for rental companies and AV Integrators. The most compact, high-brightness laser projectors on the market, the UDX projectors deliver reliable, razor-sharp 4K images for every type of event and venue.
  • Hear and be Heard with Stem

    On 09 Mar 2021
    Hear and be Heard with Stem
  • Why Would the Leader in Wireless AV Disrupt Themselves?

    On 22 May 2019
    Imagine what the leading wireless sharing company could do to take their world-famous product and make it even more relevant, 5 years on since its inception. While observing users in action, drawing up sketches in conference rooms, surveying what new requirements people are seeking and probing around in the engineering lab, Barco has done something to leapfrog themselves.
  • How to Better Communicate with IT Professionals

    On 23 May 2019
    s AV over IP becomes more and more prevalent in our industry, the one constant roadblock to success is communication with Enterprise IT professionals. It all stems from the fact that our answers don’t always mesh with their questions. Some of it is the terminology. Most of it, however, is understanding what they need to know and how to express it.
  • Introducing Huddly

    On 29 Apr 2020
    Where do you video conference? Starin is excited to offer you and your customers Huddly cameras! Use them in meeting rooms, on your desktop, even on your laptop. Huddly cameras are an essential part of many first-rate solutions, enabling video conferencing and collaboration for enterprises that use Zoom, an easy, reliable cloud platform.
  • Case Study | Harrisburg University Chooses Barco Video Walls for its Campus.

    On 04 Nov 2019
    Harrisburg University of Science and Technology has the distinction of being one of the early adopters of eSports as a university-sanctioned sport. The resulting Harrisburg Storm is an endeavor that they’ve fully invested in. As part of that investment, the university knew that they needed a space for their players to practice that would be as conducive as possible for success. Such a center would allow players to practice games like Overwatch and League of Legends in an environment that is tailor-made for the fast-paced online gaming world. In addition, Harrisburg University needed a technology refresh for its Student Union Center.
  • The easiest way to connect IP-based cameras and equipment to your video production system without a cable

    On 11 Feb 2020
    The easiest way to connect IP-based cameras and equipment to your video production system without a cable--up to 1,300 feet away with no additional latency added. Designed for a wide variety of applications including software and hardware that leverages IP communications.
  • Introducing the Revolabs/Yamaha CS-700 Sound Collaboration System

    On 01 May 2019
    The new CS-700 features a best in class audio, video and screen sharing solution designed specifically with huddle spaces in mind. This new system addresses all your communication and collaboration needs via one USB cable.