Why Would the Leader in Wireless AV Disrupt Themselves?

Imagine what the leading wireless sharing company could do to take their world-famous product and make it even more relevant, 5 years on since its inception.  While observing users in action, drawing up sketches in conference rooms, surveying what new requirements people are seeking and probing around in the engineering lab, Barco has done something to leapfrog themselves.  

The ClickShare ushered in the collaboration renaissance, making fast and easy sharing possible, but how could the need for greater sharing on new 4K surfaces be met?   What Barco realized, like Starin in our Visualization renaissance, is that users wanted more.  

Maybe besides users wanting more that wanted less, fewer problems connecting everyone’s device, fewer issues with moderation and fewer issues getting down to business.  

Barco understood, in the age of everyone used to sharing more people, more viewpoints and data points were desired on the screen.  They found the happy number of sources was 8. Now to how to expand the ClickShare format.

The new CSE-800 is the result of reinvention. The dual HDMI inputs allow for 4K, so the new large-sized displays of 84”, 98” and above can give greater clarity to detailed content like Cad drawings or excel worksheets. Barco integrated other means of sharing with Apple or Google users. Eight shared sources can come from AirPlay, Google cast with support for non-HDCP content, as well as the traditional ClickShare button. Knowing the next phase being an interactive Visualization renaissance, the CSE-800 has touch capability for whiteboarding, annotation, and moderation.  

With the other so-called collaboration solutions on the market, nothing even comes close to Barco ClickShare. Have your customers try ClickShare with Starin’s risk-free no obligation Try It To Like It program.

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