Introducing the Revolabs/Yamaha CS-700 Sound Collaboration System

The new CS-700 features a best in class audio, video and screen sharing solution designed

specifically with huddle spaces in mind. This new system addresses all your communication

and collaboration needs via one USB cable.


The CS-700 is a compact all in one unit that allows the room designer to remove all visible

conferencing technology from the table. No more phone pods, microphones, or visible cables,

keeping the space visually neat and tidy. With just one USB cable you will be able to utilize all

the features of this amazing 



The CS-700 provides a 120-degree ultra-wide camera which will bring everyone in the huddle room into the field of view. There is no more need to pan and zoom with this camera, making this truly a “set it and forget it” video system.


The CS-700 was developed using years of meeting space experience from both the Yamaha and RevoLabs teams. A beamforming microphone array picks up every word spoken in the room and delivers it to the far end for unmatched quality and clarity.

USB and SIP Support

Priding itself on being the one communication device in the room, the CS-700 supports the most popular business communication applications in the market today. Including, Skype for Business, Google Chromebox for Meetings, BlueJeans, Zoom, GoToConference, and Vidyo just to name a few. With USB and SIP communication, the CS-700 can easily be bridged to expand communication opportunities even further. Bluetooth allows for fast and easy audio connections allowing for a mobile or computer call to effortlessly become a conference call.

The new CS-700 will deliver high-quality video, audio and collaboration benefits without the mess of wires and devices cluttering your huddle spaces.

Starin is happy to take Pre-Orders for the Yamaha CS-700 to ensure that you are one of the first to receive a shipment of this impressive solution! It is anticipated that the CS-700 will begin shipping in early October with all Pre-Orders being fulfilled first.


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