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  • Yealink Ordering Guide

    On 07 Sep 2022
    Yealink offers a one-stop video collaboration solution for Zoom. The ordering guide will lead you through the offerings and make it easier for you to place orders.
  • Mi Design

    On 13 Jul 2022
    Strapped for time? Our designers can plan for small, medium and large collaboration spaces, houses of worship, K-12 and higher education, and more.
  • Starin, a Midwich Group company, announces distribution partnership with INOGENI

    On 29 Nov 2022
    Starin is pleased to announce a partnership with Inogeni, a leading designer and manufacturer of high-performing products to enhance video conferencing.
  • 2022 Zoom Solutions ebook

    On 29 Nov 2022
    If you attended this year’s Zoomtopia, we hope you had as much fun as we did learning about the new innovations Zoom has to offer! If you missed it, here’s a recap to help you catch up with the latest trends. This year’s theme was “Exploring New Dimensions” and we hope that you will be inspired to explore the pages of this guide to find out which solutions fit your customer’s needs.
  • Town Hall October 27, 2022: Poly

    On 28 Oct 2022
    Join us for live product demonstrations of Poly's acoustic and camera innovations, and have your questions answered in a live Q&A. Hosted by Chris Neto from Starin with Elizabeth Petillo and Albert Campbell of Poly.
  • Starin, a Midwich Group company, announces agreement with Yealink

    On 01 Sep 2022
    Starin is thrilled to announce a partnership with Yealink, a leading manufacturer in SIP, VOIP, and video conferencing hardware to distribute their extensive line of products.
  • Starin, a Midwich Group company, announces partnership with SurgeX

    On 07 Dec 2022
    Starin is thrilled to announce a partnership with SurgeX, a leader in advanced power protection, analytical software, remote monitoring and cloud solutions. Effective immediately, Starin will offer the full spectrum of SurgeX power protection and monitoring solutions, as well as support for SurgeX product specification, system design, applications, and training.
  • Town Hall July 14, 2022: DTEN

    On 14 Jul 2022
    See the latest from DTEN
  • Town Hall December 8, 2022: Yamaha

    On 12 Dec 2022
    Join Starin in taking a look at the new Yamaha RM-W wireless system and Adecia system, and have your questions answered in a live Q&A. Hosted by Chris Neto from Starin with Tim Mackie of Yamaha.
  • Town Hall October 20, 2022: Neat

    On 24 Oct 2022
    Starin discusses the latest & greatest with Neat. Learn about the history of Neat, get an in-depth look at some products, and have your questions answered in a live Q&A. Hosted by Joe Dunbar from Starin with Brian Dunat and Nic Burton of Neat.
  • Town Hall September 22, 2022: PTZOptics

    On 23 Sep 2022
    Starin discusses new products with PTZOptics and takes a look into 2023 plans. Hosted by Chris Neto with William Golde and Michael Luttermoser of PTZOptics.
  • Town Hall January 26, 2023: DTEN

    On 30 Jan 2023
    Starin meets with DTEN to talk about upcoming products, partner programs, and a live Q&A. Hosted by Chris Neto from Starin with Tom Shaw, Eileen Tongur, and David Silberstein of DTEN.
  • Yealink video solutions

    On 07 Sep 2022
    Yealink video solutions cover classic educational scenarios and solve problems on campus through BYOD solutions, all-in-one solutions, multi-camera solutions, and non-destructive solutions for historic places.
  • Yealink Zoom Video Resources

    On 07 Sep 2022
    Get to know Yealink products and through Youtube videos. The playlist offers a variety of demo videos, unboxing videos, testimony videos and more.
  • Yealink Featured Solutions Healthcare

    On 07 Sep 2022
    Hybrid work is inevitable for healthcare workers, in or after the pandemic. Yealink solutions are designed to cater to the needs of telemedicine and make it easier for both doctors and patients.
  • Yealink Sales & Marketing Tools

    On 07 Sep 2022
    Promoting Yealink products and solutions to your customers is never been this easy! Find sales and marketing tools here, including product images, lifestyle images, One Page Guide, services, portals, and more.
  • Town Hall September 1, 2022: Yealink

    On 07 Sep 2022
    Starin welcomes Yealink. Learn about the Yealink and Starin partnership, Yealink brand story, Zoom solution highlights, and top products. Hosted by Chris Neto from Starin with Leao Chen and Uderbekov Adil of Yealink.
  • Midwich Group Launches Global Hardware as a Service Program in partnership with Poly

    On 12 Aug 2020
    Officially launching on September 1, 2020, the Hardware-as-a-Service offering will address the increase in end-user demand for consuming technology as a service and will initially be available in the UK and Ireland, North America, Australia and New Zealand, with a subsequent roll-out to additional regions planned.
  • PRESS RELEASE: Starin Marketing Named Best Places to Work in Indiana for 2nd Year

    On 20 Feb 2020
    Starin Marketing, Inc. in Chesterton, Indiana has made the list as one of the Best Places to Work in Indiana for the second year in a row. This is the 15th year for the annual program created by the Indiana Chamber of Commerce and Best Companies Group.
  • Midwich Group Plc Acquisition of Starin Marketing

    On 07 Feb 2020
    Midwich, a specialist audio visual distributor to the trade market with operations across the UK and Ireland, Continental Europe, and Asia-Pacific, is pleased to announce it has acquired 100% of the share capital of Starin Marketing Inc., a US-based, specialist value-added distributor of AV products.
  • PRESS RELEASE: Starin Marketing Named Best Places to Work in Indiana for 2nd Year

    On 20 Feb 2020
    Starin Marketing, Inc. in Chesterton, Indiana has made the list as one of the Best Places to Work in Indiana for the second year in a row. This is the 15th year for the annual program created by the Indiana Chamber of Commerce and Best Companies Group.
  • Press Release: Diversified Becomes a Starin Elite Partner for the DTEN D7 Family of Zoom Certified Products

    On 31 Jul 2019
    Diversified has been named an Elite Partner for the distribution of the DTEN family of D7 products. The D7 family is a Zoom Certified all-in-one appliance that has been built from the ground up specifically for Zoom video conferencing.
  • PRESS RELEASE: Starin Grows Leadership Team

    On 16 Dec 2020
    “Starin has reinvested in its people and leadership team to increase its connection and care to all of its partners. In 2020, we have put more resources into the field and strengthened our leadership team to do just that. This will be our continued focus into the coming year!” – Bobby Swartz, President.
  • Town Hall May 13 2022: featuring AVer

    On 13 May 2022
    Town Hall May 13 2022: featuring AVer
  • Logitech Zoom eBook 2023

    On 16 Mar 2023
    Help your customers embrace hybrid working and boost your bottom line with Logitech and Zoom!
  • Town Hall March 17, 2023: Barco

    On 17 Mar 2023
    Starin talks with Barco to discuss Clickshare, the Barco Partner Program, and a live gift card drawing. Hosted by Joe Dunbar from Starin with Matt Wirsig of Barco.
  • AV Essentials eBook 2023

    On 21 Mar 2023
    In every system, there are the primary core components and services. This AV Essentials ebook is a collection of products providing the “glue” to every system. From interfaces and switching, to power conditioning, projection screens, mounting hardware, cables and more.
  • Crestron Zoom solutions that turn any space into a meeting space

    On 03 Apr 2023
    Crestron and Zoom - Enhancing the way people work—together
  • Starin, a Midwich Group company, adds Crestron Electronics to the distribution channel

    On 08 Jun 2022
    Starin is excited to announce a distribution partnership with Crestron Electronics, a leader in workplace collaboration solutions. Crestron provides an end-to-end ecosystem that equips workplaces, universities, government facilities, and more with a connected experience as they tackle the challenges of today’s hybrid world.

    On 03 Apr 2023
  • Town Hall August 12, 2022: Logitech

    On 12 Aug 2022
    Chris Neto from Starin is joined by Michael Freibrun from Logitech. Find out what's new and what's coming from Logitech.
  • Barco Registration

    On 03 May 2019
    Register your Barco project or submit a dealer demo request. Let Starin help you secure the best pricing for your next project or demonstration. Includes: Deal/Project Registration ClickShare Try It to Like It ClickShare Dealer Demo
  • Logitech Tap IP Appliance Bundles

    On 23 Aug 2022
    Simplify meetings in any space. Make better meetings. High quality. Low complexity. Video solutions intuitively designed for collaborating, sharing, and brainstorming. Logitech enhances the hybrid workplace with pre-configured room solutions that create equitable collaboration experiences for everyone.
  • Boost your bottom line with Logitech and Zoom.

    On 01 Mar 2023
    Logitech video collaboration solutions for Zoom empower people and teams to work together from anywhere. Simple to use and deploy at scale, our complete ecosystem of Zoom-certified hardware, software, and services make the hybrid workplace work for everyone.
  • Town Hall March 30, 2023: Logitech

    On 31 Mar 2023
    Starin meets with Logitech to talk about their products with a live demonstration and a live Q&A. Hosted by Chris Neto from Starin with Michael Freibrun, Pike Schouten, and Kristin Beare of Logitech.
  • Work from Anywhere with Logitech & Zoom

    On 01 Mar 2023
    Check out the latest and greatest Logitech B2B products available for Zoom. With a complete portfolio of products from the home to the office, we are helping create easy, equitable meeting experiences for the hybrid workspace.
  • Demo: Zoom Smart Gallery on Rally Bar and Rally Bar Mini

    On 03 Apr 2023
    Logitech and Zoom are making hybrid meetings more equitable and immersive. Coming soon, we are expanding our integration with Zoom Rooms Smart Gallery to support up to 5 streams. Logitech Rally Bar and Rally Bar Mini will intelligently highlight all in-person meeting attendees so that remote participants can clearly see their faces and expressions. This feature will be a part of our CollabOS 1.8 release planned for November.
  • ClickShare Connect! Partner Program

    On 06 Mar 2023
    To ensure Barco's ClickShare Connect! Partner Program answers your needs, they have developed three levels of partnership. What's in it for you?
  • Click2Sync

    On 06 Mar 2023
    Grow your business and website traffic with automated ClickShare content. It’s free and completely painless, thanks to a simple syndication plug-in on your website.
  • ClickShare Family Comparison Sheet

    On 06 Mar 2023
    Learn more about the Barco ClickShare family.
  • Town Hall March 24 2022: Featuring Barco

    On 24 Mar 2022
    Barco and Starin talk about getting back to the office in our latest Town Hall series.
  • 5 good reasons to add ClickShare wireless presentation to your Microsoft Teams, Zoom or Webex Room

    On 22 Mar 2021
    Maybe your offices are equipped with fixed conference room solutions like a Microsoft Teams, Webex or Zoom room. Or maybe you are looking to install a fixed solution in the near future. At any rate, there is an easy way to enhance your video conference experience in these meeting rooms with ClickShare. You can step up and bring videocall collaboration in your enterprise to the next level.
  • Screen management in any boardroom: simple, swift and seamless

    On 22 Mar 2021
    The boardroom is the VIP of all meeting rooms. When you need to close a deal with a top customer, discuss future strategy, or make the decisions that will guide the company’s future, it is the room you want to use. The room needs to support professional, premium videos and content, be pixel perfect, show the graphics in the best colors, and be easy to use. It must be an extension of the people that use it.
  • Boost Profitability with the ClickShare Trade-In Program

    On 06 Mar 2023
    Receive exclusive discounts when you upgrade legacy EOL ClickShare or competitive devices to the newest generation of ClickShare technology.
  • Discount on SLED Opportunities

    On 06 Mar 2023
    Meeting room and classroom flexibility, simplicity, and product availability is key now more than ever. Barco solutions offer an intuitive and collaborative user experience for your state, local and education (SLED) customers.
  • Town Hall May 5, 2023: AVer

    On 08 May 2023
    Starin meets with AVer to talk about their products with a live demonstration and a live lightsaber givaway. Hosted by Chris Neto from Starin with Michael Montemayor, Rich Moscoso, Aalap Patel, Rachel Hanson, Carl Harvell of AVer.
  • Town Hall February 23, 2023: LG

    On 25 May 2023
    Starin talks with LG about their product portfolio, plans for 2023, and a live Q&A. Hosted by Chris Neto from Starin with Kerry Linda Martin and Sarah Williamson of LG.
  • Town Hall May 18, 2023: Crestron

    On 25 May 2023
    Starin meets with Crestron for a product presentation and a live Q&A. Hosted by Chris Neto from Starin with Jose Gonzalez and Josh Lyons of Crestron.
  • Starin, a Midwich Group company, announces partnership with Just Add Power

    On 01 Jun 2023
    Starin, a Midwich Group Company, has announced a partnership with Just Add Power, a leader in AV-over-IP distribution. Leveraging Starin’s trusted expertise, service, support, and full solution approach, Just Add Power’s full line of 3G Ultra and MaxColor Series solutions will be available from the company.
  • Town Hall June 1, 2023: Yealink & Yamaha

    On 06 Jun 2023
    Starin meets with Yealink and Yamaha to talk about products with a live demo and a Q&A. Hosted by Joe Dunbar from Starin with Rick Yuan and Doris Chen of Yealink and Jason Pavao of Yamaha.
  • Partnering with SMART and Starin

    On 16 Nov 2021
    When you choose to work with SMART and Starin, you are entering a true partnership fully supported by a global brand and dedicated channel enablement team
  • Starin, a Midwich Group company, signs distribution agreement with Shure Incorporated

    On 16 Dec 2021
    Starin is pleased to announce a distribution relationship with Shure, a worldwide leader in microphones and audio electronics.
  • Starin, a Midwich Group company, pens deal with BirdDog to expand distribution across the USA

    On 04 Mar 2021
    Starin is pleased to announce a distribution partnership with BirdDog Australia Pty Ltd to make all BirdDog products available to Starin channel partners across the USA. BirdDog is an Australian-based manufacturer of PTZ cameras, world-leading video encoders decoders, and software applications.
  • 2022 Education Technology Solutions eBook

    On 25 Apr 2022
    In this guide, you will find the best educational technology solutions handpicked by our in-house education experts for audio, visual, and content sharing solutions designed and optimized for any learning environment.
  • 2022 Unified Communications Resource eBook

    On 29 Mar 2022
    The 2022 Unified Communication Resource eBook will show you the value of modern UC tools, what successful teams have learned about collaboration in the hybrid workplace, and how you can lead your organization to success with the right technology. 
  • Video + Projection Displays eBook

    On 15 Nov 2021
    Video + Projection Displays eBook, an integrator's guide to Video Walls, Displays,Signage, Projection and Screens.
  • Town Hall August 25, 2022: Crestron

    On 02 Sep 2022
    Starin's Chris Neto and our newest partner Crestron give you a glimpse of their latest products available to you from Starin.
  • Starin Announces Stem Audio As New Ecosystem Partner

    On 09 Dec 2020
    Starin Announces Stem Audio As New Ecosystem Partner
  • DTEN’s D7 Brings Home Two Prestigious Awards in 2019

    On 09 Jul 2019
    This year at InfoComm 2019 DTEN received top honors for the D7. The D7 was honored with the Future Best Of Show Award, presented by Sound & Video Contractor. Starin nominated DTEN and the D7 for the award with good reason. Because the D7 provides a Zoom certified all-in-one solution for Zoom Rooms. The ease of use, return on investment and market relevance help the D7 standout. The Future Best Of Show Award specifically selects products demonstrating these criteria, and Starin knew it would be a winner.
  • Starin Witnesses Barco Projection Bringing Art To Life

    On 31 May 2019
    When Barco teamed up with Monnier to equip the quarry in Provence, they agreed to help work with him for the Paris venue as well. “Fortunately, our experience in Les Baux-de- Provence was very positive. Barco proved to be a real expert and the team is motivated and always ready to help.
  • JVC PTZ Cameras Are The Smart Choice for Houses of Worship

    On 22 May 2019
    Recently I was asked to evaluate PTZ cameras for a medium-sized project. The requirements were pretty straight forward. The space was a large house of worship that would need 4 to 6 PTZ cameras. The cameras needed to have solid low light performance, shoot and record in HD, connect to a control unit and offer a decent amount of optical and digital zoom.
  • Kansas City Cybersecurity Firm Takes Data Visualization to New Heights

    On 15 May 2019
    Cybersecurity solutions firm Fishtech Group secures data—the vast majority of which is extremely confidential. When they were designing a new security operations center, they needed a way to share a range of data to both the operators in the center and guests viewing from an elevated platform.
  • The State of Video Conferencing in 2019

    On 16 May 2019
    See how Zoom based video conferencing solutions blend communications, collaboration and content to enable real-time group work from anywhere.
  • Barco UniSee®, Revolutionizing the LCD Video Wall Experience

    On 14 May 2019
    Barco UniSee’s flexibility does not confine itself to a single market. With its magnificent images, narrowest screen gap and highest reliability, Barco UniSee matches the visualization needs of almost any professional.
  • Boulder School District Brings Superior Classroom Projection in 3D

    On 01 May 2019
    Stretching back to the earliest days of its widespread Internet deployments in the mid-1990s, Boulder Valley School District has carefully balanced its pursuit of cutting-edge classroom technology with prudent applications and careful cost management.
  • Case Study | See How McLaren Group Globally Collaborates Using Logitech and Zoom

    On 17 May 2019
    British high-technology company McLaren Group is among the foremost innovators in Formula One racing and applied automotive technologies. With a global brand known for excellence, McLaren Group uses a wide array of Logitech products to create a high-performance culture and enable individuals and teams to achieve their best.
  • Case Study | Delta Airlines Tech Ops Division

    On 16 May 2019
    Logitech and Herman Miller recently teamed up to create an advanced Distance Learning Classroom for Delta Air Lines TechOps division. The state-of-the-art video collaboration space enables Delta trainers and managers to engage face-to-face with employees, contractors, supply chain partners, and others anytime, anywhere.
  • Case Study | The Tech Museum Connects Students with Logitech MeetUp and GROUP

    On 23 May 2019
    The Tech Museum, an interactive science and technology center located in Silicon Valley, installed Logitech GROUP, MeetUp and PTZ Pro 2 to support video collaboration for external meetings and global sales/donation interactions. Based on overwhelmingly positive user experiences, use cases are expanding throughout the organization.
  • Introducing the AVer VB342 All In One Conferencing Camera

    On 23 May 2019
    The VB342 is an affordable, professional-grade USB soundbar optimized to deliver a next-generation camera and audio experience. It is compatible with all of your favorite applications connecting to virtually any desktop or laptop, via a single USB cable.
  • Vivitek Energizes 110 Year Old Houston Museum of Natural Science

    On 28 May 2019
    Houston’s Museum of Natural Science strives to fulfill a singular mission: to “enhance in individuals the knowledge and delight in natural science and related subjects.” This pursuit underlies every project, program, and exhibition associated with the museum and is exemplified in the institution’s Wiess Energy Hall. Recently enlarged from 8,500 square feet to 30,000 square feet, the Wiess Energy Hall is a testament to Houston’s key role in the United States energy sector, with exhibits dedicated to conservation, renewable energy, hydrogen power, and natural gas.
  • Vivitek’s NovoPro Simplifies Collaboration and Presentations for the Visually Impaired at Georgia Academy for the Blind

    On 28 May 2019
    Technology plays a critical role in modern-day collaboration within the classroom. And, it’s even more important for the Georgia Academy for the Blind. Recognized for providing quality education services to Georgia’s students with visual impairments, the Georgia Academy for the Blind aims to prepare students to achieve their highest level of independence. For Georgia Academy for the Blind, finding a product that enhances WiFi and browsing, collaboration, voting and polling, and general presentations, while simultaneously being student-friendly, can be difficult.
  • Introducing the Revolabs/Yamaha CS-700 Sound Collaboration System

    On 04 Jun 2019
    The new CS-700 features a best in class audio, video and screen sharing solution designed specifically with huddle spaces in mind. This new system addresses all your communication and collaboration needs via one USB cable. The CS-700 is a compact all in one unit that allows the room designer to remove all visible conferencing technology from the table.
  • PEOPLEGURU Enhances Business Results With Logitech Meetup, Connect, and Brio

    On 04 Jun 2019
    PeopleGuru, a cloud-based Human Capital Management (HCM) software company, is using Logitech MeetUp, Connect, and BRIO for multiple use cases—all with business-enhancing results. Logitech MeetUp delivers unprecedented versatility to PeopleGuru all-hands meetings with its exceptional audio/video quality and a super-wide 120° eld of view.
  • Temple House Creates an Immersive AV Canvas With Datapath Fx4 and Barco F90 Projectors

    On 10 Jun 2019
    Using Datapath Fx4 Miami Beach’s The Temple House & United Projection event hall creates immersive experiences for guests by projection mapping the bare bones white walls. Transforming everything from corporate events to weddings into a rose-bedecked forest, or an endless columned temple, or, whatever else their wrap-around AV system can project on the tall walls and high ceiling.
  • Logitech The Rise of Video Meetings | Case Study

    On 04 Jun 2019
    As the modern office evolves, companies all over the world are moving from closed offices to open spaces and remote workforces. The need for affordable, easy-to-use video conferencing solutions that aren’t limited to the boardroom has never been higher.