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A Comprehensive Solution in One Simple Monthly Payment

Starin, who introduced AV-as-a-Service (AVaaS) programs for its channel partners in 2018, is proud to announce a new and streamlined Hardware-as-a-Service (HaaS) program designed specifically to quickly meet the market demand centered around ZOOM.

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AV Essentials is a collection of lines providing the “Glue” to the system. From interfaces & switching to power conditioning, projection screens, playback sources, mounting hardware, cables and more. Take a look at all the brands we offer to you and your customers in our eBook. Download yours today and never miss an opportunity to complete a sale.

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Starin’s AVaaS offering includes an Assurance Program. This program applies to Advanced Network Devices. Assurance is about peace of mind for you and your customer.

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For many churches around the globe, streaming from Facebook has become the norm for their weekly gatherings. Learn about the latest features Facebook has added to make live streams reach more people, be more interactive, and more effective.

Starin welcomes Poly to their line-up. Poly has a wide portfolio of solutions with Zoom integration, from room video to conference phones—for huddles spaces up to large rooms—and from headsets to desk phones.

Where do you video conference? Starin is excited to offer you and your customers Huddly cameras! Use them in meeting rooms, on your desktop, even on your laptop. Huddly cameras are an essential part of many first-rate solutions, enabling video conferencing and collaboration for enterprises that use Zoom, an easy, reliable cloud platform.

Video conferencing began allowing AV network traffic, but VoIP paved the way for wider acceptance of the converged network concept as a common reality. Network managers no longer say "not on my network", though are rightfully mindful of how anything impacts the mission-critical operations. We will explore a sampling of AV implementation to assure secure, effective, and productive results.

Starin's Town Hall, Helping Your Church Live Stream, with Paul Richards of PTZ Optics and Streamgeeks generated a lot of questions from the audience. There are some great questions, along with the answers here.

Now more than ever, ministry leaders are considering the use of live streaming as an outreach tool for their church. Join Chris Neto from Starin for a Special Town Hall, where he will speak with Paul Richards from PTZ Optics and host of StreamGeeks, about helping your church live stream. Plus, get access to Paul's book, 'Helping Your Church Live Stream'.

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With so many people working remotely, here are some set-ups and ways to assist as you adopt a new work lifestyle. We hope this eBook will make your transition to remote work environments easier and more effective. Whether you are only moving your teams temporarily or adopting a new platform, we are happy to assist.

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At Starin, we practice what we preach.  This means that our entire organization from the outside sales teams, to the warehouse staff, are all fully engaged via Zoom.  We use all facets of the Zoom platform and have for many years.  From webinars to personal conferencing to Zoom Rooms and our latest addition Zoom phones, we personally engage and utilize these tools daily. 

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You will need a device whether it’s a PC or a laptop to engage in your day to day activities.  This includes meetings with others remotely.  Most laptops will come with a built-in microphone and camera.  Let’s face facts, rarely are these devices at the top of the food chain.  This leads to poor video or audio quality which can stop a meeting from being a success right out of the gate. 

Advanced Network Devices introduces new and enhanced products, including displays, paging & intercom, and security solutions.

Starin Marketing, Inc. in Chesterton, Indiana has made the list as one of the Best Places to Work in Indiana for the second year in a row. This is the 15th year for the annual program created by the Indiana Chamber of Commerce and Best Companies Group.

Starin Marketing, Inc. in Chesterton, Indiana has made the list as one of the Best Places to Work in Indiana for the second year in a row. This is the 15th year for the annual program created by the Indiana Chamber of Commerce and Best Companies Group.

Host Chris Neto will speak with special guest, Kurt Deyoung, Barco's VP, Channel. Kurt connects with us post-ISE to discuss Barco's recent news and upcoming products. Learn all about the new ClickShare Conference and more!

Barco’s UniSee has revolutionized the LCD video wall experience. And now, we’re excited to offer you our best UniSee offer to date! By purchasing through Starin, you can save a bunch on the Guided Install-Package and boost your Q1 numbers to new heights!

The easiest way to connect IP-based cameras and equipment to your video production system without a cable--up to 1,300 feet away with no additional latency added. Designed for a wide variety of applications including software and hardware that leverages IP communications.

Midwich, a specialist audio visual distributor to the trade market with operations across the UK and Ireland, Continental Europe, and Asia-Pacific, is pleased to announce it has acquired 100% of the share capital of Starin Marketing Inc., a US-based, specialist value-added distributor of AV products.

ClickShare, wireless presentation and conferencing technology, creates understanding between people by freeing them to interact easily and naturally.

Get to know more about Paul and his interests!

Chris Neto and special guest, Marc Mespelli, Yamaha's Distribution Sales Manager, will be your hosts for this Town Hall answering all your questions about Yamaha's unified communications solutions.

Bobby Swartz and Malissa Dillman and special guest Chris Neto talk about AV's past, present and future.

Malissa Dillman

While Starin provides several Zoom Rooms solutions, we have many products that easily cross into other platforms. All of these products are tried and tested and found to meet the highest quality standards and reliability.

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For as long as I can remember music has been a part of my life one way or another. Although I wasn’t always a musician, once I reached the skill level of being ready to play gigs, I realized my Marshall half stack wasn’t going to cut it as my amplification system for both my vocals and guitar (although I did try). Naturally buying a PA system was really my only next available option. I’ve been through a few different PA’s over the years. I started with Passive and then slowly moved to Active as I began to realize an all in one unit just simply made more sense for my needs. Having previous experience with PA systems I was recently given the opportunity to test an Electro-Voice ELX200-10P. I chose the 10” version because it was small enough, yet the frequency response looked proper for my application.

Yes, I’m a woman in the audio industry - a somewhat scarce phenomenon. But despite that, you could say I blend in well with the “passionate about audio”, “enjoying silly jokes” and “occasionally wearing a ponytail” guys. I have always enjoyed technology and science, and from all technical industries, I think audio is a bit of a special place. Here are the top 4 things that make me specifically enjoy the industry.

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On this week’s Rebels & Flux we chat with Bryan Hellard, Researcher at Wainhouse Research. Bryan is self-proclaimed UC nerd who loves conferencing cameras. Bryan gives up the scoop on USB camera trends in the conference room, how important has the framing feature been to the advancement of conference cameras and Where are auto tracking & PTZ cameras today? We close out talking about glaciers, how to stay plugged in while on Vacation and how dumb comedies are better than dramas.

David Danto, Director of UC Strategy and Research is our special guest with our very own Chris Neto moderating.

Chase Bernhardt

Starin’s AVaaS offering includes an Assurance Program.  This program applies to Zoom  Rooms and products that fall within the Zoom Rooms ecosystem.  Assurance is about peace  of mind for you and your customer.

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On this episode of Rebels & Flux we meet Eric Cantrell, VP of Business Operations at Medialon. We jump right into the big news of Medialon being acquired by 7th Sense Design this past summer and what that means for Medialon moving forward. We discuss how Show Control differs from traditional AV control. Eric then shares some career advice for those looking to pursue a career as a stagehand/show technician. We wrap up this episode by uncovering two local spots for good Food & Drinks while in Orlando.

Harrisburg University of Science and Technology has the distinction of being one of the early adopters of eSports as a university-sanctioned sport. The resulting Harrisburg Storm is an endeavor that they’ve fully invested in. As part of that investment, the university knew that they needed a space for their players to practice that would be as conducive as possible for success. Such a center would allow players to practice games like Overwatch and League of Legends in an environment that is tailor-made for the fast-paced online gaming world. In addition, Harrisburg University needed a technology refresh for its Student Union Center.

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On this week’s Rebels & Flux we meet Manolo Almagro, Managing Partner at Q Division. Manolo is an expert in the retail experience. In this episode we learn about Airport shopping malls, great examples of Retail experiences, the technology involved in delivering a “wow” and just how valuable is the customers data to delivering a great experience. Does data equal customer happiness? Plus, we hear about what is like to be a "sneakerhead", fostering dogs and see how we come together over Star Wars.

Chris Neto

On this week’s Rebels & Flux we are joined by Chase McCloud CTS-D, Senior Audio Visual Designer at Interstate Electronic Systems. Chase has worked his way from answering a Craig’s List ad for a Hotel AV Technician to playing with the latest in AR, VR and 3D Modeling Technology. Chase has been highlighted by Both SCN Magazine & Commercial Integrator as a rising star and you’ll see why. Self-taught, driven and hungry for knowledge and that's just the 1st impression.

Chase Bernhardt

LED Video Walls are gaining popularity in nearly every industry and there are new products being released almost every day. How are system integrators and installers supposed to keep up with all the products, technologies and installation techniques? This white paper covers the top eight things integrators need to know before and during an LED Video Wall installation. Starin's Visualization team and Neoti welcome any opportunity to work with your team to address all of your LED installation needs.

Chase Bernhardt

Starin’s Visualization team is committed to making communications easier. Here you will find an eBook outlining our Video Wall Solutions and Services. Lean on us for assistance with design, procurement, and delivery of your next video wall project.

Jason talks about yoga, music, Zoom, Jim Starin and petunias.

Chris Neto

On this week’s Rebels & Flux we are joined by Bryan Meszaros of OpenEye Global. Bryan blends his passion of design and fascination with technology into a new modernist approach to Experiential Design. We hear how he takes a project from ideation to creation and where Technology enters the picture. Bryan then gives us some insight on industry shows that can help inspire new ideas. And finally, we dig deep into Bryan’s New Jersey roots and get to the bottom of the NJ Music scene, Craft Beer, BBQ and his love for Major League Baseball parks.

Bobby Swartz and Malissa Dillman from Starin join Esther Yoon from Zoom to discuss Zoomtopia highlights as well as other highlights in the Zoom Ecosystem.

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On this week’s Rebels & Flux we are joined by Dan Lee, Managing Director at Hewshott International in the UK. Dan is a technology consultant who helps customers determine the right technology solutions for their projects. Dan explains how the technology expectations have gone beyond the AV in a conference room and now incorporate a more integrated approach with IT, Acoustics and Building Management Systems. What are the main differences between project bids/tenders in the US vs Europe? How does Hewshott leverage its global presence? These are some of the questions answered before we dive into finding out “Who is Dan Lee?”. We get up close and personal to find out what’s Dan’s favorite pass time, the meaning behind the tattoos, Baywatch, Bank Holidays and a definitive answer to which country makes a better breakfast.

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This week we sit down the Jim Kelly, Analyst & Consultant for Recon Research. Jim has a secret test lab where he puts AV devices to the test. His specialty: Video Conferencing Hardware and Software. We learn about a special project he’s working on in Florida. After hours Jim spends his time tearing up the Arizona desert exploring with his family in the “Black Widow”.

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In this episode of Rebels & Flux we meet DTEN’s new Head of Sales Enablement, Dave Silberstein. Dave is a familiar face to many in the AV industry as a 30-yr. veteran. What is his new role and What’s with the fancy title? What is Collaboration and how many mic drop moments can we handle within the 1st 5 minutes of the show. We then get personal and dive into Dave’s hidden talent as a grill master. We unlock some musical facts that will surprise many. He then weighs in on a national shortage of Drinks & Sandwiches before delivering some advice for AV rookies looking for some career advice.

Chris Neto

Matt Montgomery, President of TYM homes, joins Rebels & Flux this week. TYM homes has pivoted a few times, in its history, to adjust to changing market conditions. We take a deep dive into how social media fueled the company’s pivots and how it forged new opportunities and income. Matt not only shares some great advice, but he also reveals some incredible numbers to back up his social media efforts. Finally we were able to catch a great “Fanboy” moment before settling the score between Taco Tuesday and Pizza Friday.

Learn about Advanced Network Devices best-in-class IP endpoints and sophisticated network products for use in mass notification systems that are used in education, healthcare, government, corporate, and industrial applications. Find out about AND's rich engineering pool, and world-class audio and video technology, especially those relating to networking, notification, and security.

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This week we are joined by AV Engineer, Meg Sciarini Smith. A Live Events specialist turned corporate AV Systems Engineer who is both technically sound and well versed in the experiential movement. Meg joins us from the coffee shop in LA to discuss her unique journey in AV and her nerdy love of all things techie. Along the way we uncover this Rebel’s passion for Ice Hockey, Japanese anime and Octopus on Ice. 

AVaaS is the framework for helping businesses keep up with their ever-changing technology and hardware needs. One of Starin’s Services provides AV integrators a simple way to offer their customers lease financing. This allows companies and organizations the financial tools to access the latest AV solutions, without significantly affecting their cash fl

Joel answers a few questions about the AV industry and lets you know what his favorite color is.

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On this Episode of Rebels and Flux we continue our talk with Cofounder & Chief Brand Strategist at Latin & Code Mr. Steven Picanza. Steven serves up some more great tips on Digital Marketing, What is an “Agency” and How to find and select the right one for your business. We then discuss the best fictional TV sitcom hangout, What is an Italian Hot Dog, ferocious animals and Puerto Rican Reggae.

Chris Neto

On this episode of Rebels & Flux, we talk with Steven Picanza, Co-founder & Chief Brand Strategist at Latin & Code. Steven gives us his fresh take on Digital Marketing, Infocomm and Brand Activation. We then learn about Fried Spam before discussing who would win in a battle of the titans: Gary V. or Seth Godin. As we wrap up I may have instigated a fight between Steve and another company’s CEO.

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