Starin Services: Assurance


Starin’s AVaaS offering includes an Assurance Program.  This program is specific to Zoom  Rooms and products that fall within the Zoom Rooms ecosystem.  Assurance is about peace of mind for you and your customers.

When you outfit your Zoom Rooms with Starin, you can offer the Assurance Program, to cover all of the Starin sourced Zoom Rooms products for that room!  This applies to the DTEN D7, our many complete DIY Zoom Rooms solutions, and any of our complete custom-designed Zoom Rooms solutions.  Every product in that system is now covered with an advanced replacement for the coverage term of your choosing.  We currently offer one, two,  and three-year coverage options.

The best part is no chasing around warranty statements, waiting on product service and repair, or juggling the 15 different warranties each piece of gear has. If there happens to be a mechanical or electrical failure of a covered part, Starin will send up to one advanced replacement upon receipt of a valid claim.  You can count on us to have an advanced replacement shipped via Ground within one business day.  You will be notified of any exceptions to this timeline and we are happy to accommodate expedited shipments with the use of your company’s shipping account.

Specification is easy! Based on the MSRP price for each Zoom Rooms solution, add the corresponding Assurance SKU for that value and coverage term.

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