Press Release: Starin establishes Zoom Rooms FastTrack Service for Europe

With 3 years in planning, development and execution in North America, Starin’s FastTrack program, designed especially for Zoom Video Communications, is now replicating success for Europe. FastTrack is a process method, providing a deliverable Zoom Room project from design to site installation at a speed and efficiency beyond typical customer experiences.

Scalability is at the heart of the FastTrack system. Aimed at keeping pace with the rapid growth of Zoom, Starin has worked on every aspect of process control and execution, to make it possible to design and deploy complete Zoom Room hardware systems in less than a week. Starin engaged two operations managers to specifically become green and black belt effective in Lean and 6 Sigma methods for this venture. Offering the Fast Track service through select channel partners committed to creating a new standard of excellence and scalability, FastTrack has seen positive growth in North America and serves worldwide enterprises. Think AV, was the initial prototype reseller/integrator where the program was tested and proven to operate at the speed of Zoom. Now addition Zoom certified partners are in the program, forming a network of resourceful providers. 

As Zoom’s market increases across the globe, Starin enters the European market with a dedicated facility operated by an experienced AV tech services provider in the UK and has begun providing across the continent. Starin CEO, Bill Mullin, commented, “We had no plan of going to Europe to merely open up a broad-line offer and shout ‘come get it’. Zoom asking us to expand the formula, gave us focus and purpose to make a solid offer and support of the Zoom eco-system. Let’s face it. It’s not about the stuff. It’s about the experience customers have getting equipped with the stuff and using the stuff in a natural environment.”

“Having a close relationship with Zoom in multiple areas, we discovered customers wanted a better way, as easy and as accessible as Zoom itself.  We have worked to carefully craft an executable file for Zoom Professional Services Organization’s standardized solutions.  We leave nothing to chance in supporting exceptional experiences on behalf of our partners in order to shatter the end customers’ expectations,” said Bobby Swartz, EVP Strategic Execution at Starin. “Happy customers, mean happy partners.”

Additionally, Starin has built a hands-on training facility with a Zoom Rooms Master Class for certified integrators who want to join the FastTrack network in North America. “We’re getting end-users wanting to be more capable with their systems too. As we get a firm working foundation in London, we plan to do the same for Europe,” added Mullin. “Another FastTrack tool is our Zoom Room Builder software, that configures just the right variation of 13 room types by features and functions. A Zoom PSO team member commented the tool made the process or proposing 438 times faster. There is no customer wait time. There’s more tools available to FastTrak certified integrators as well, but let’s not spoil the happy ending.”