How Can You Be Adaptive In the World of AV-Everywhere?

Have you ever found yourself wondering how to generate a compelling customer impact with your AV project designs? Do you ever wonder if there is some other useful addition that could give the client the idea you went the extra mile in their facility communications, but you just don’t have the time to figure out that missing piece? You are not alone. Many designers like you have been looking for ways to differentiate and be more meaningful. Some of them have come to realize ways to think broader.

Pro AV is changing faster than ever, and customers are becoming more and more likely to purchase on price alone if the solution you are offering does not compel them otherwise. Therefore, we need to include in our offering a solution that allows for a measurable return on their investment.

Starin is proud to introduce you to Adaptive Displays.

Today, quick and effective communication is essential. Electronic Message Centers put important information right in front of those who need it. By becoming adaptive in the changing landscape of Pro AV, you can be the conduit for providing this essential information. And, there’s no better way to be relevant in today’s world than to be a provider of information. By being adaptive, you bring a path for ROI to your customers and give them a reason to buy from you. You also can realize the extra ROI yourself by not leaving something on the table.

Likewise, in today’s world, a crisis is only a heartbeat away. The only thing standing between life and death in these situations might be an emergency notification. The AV professional can have a major impact on life-safety by providing a solution that can actually save lives. Wouldn’t you want to be a part of that solution?

By being adaptive, you can provide life-saving notification as a part of your Pro AV solution. This is not only a value-added solution but could be a matter of life and death. Terrorism, earthquakes, tornadoes and civil unrest all require immediate mass notification. With Electronic Message Centers, you can provide the means to a positive outcome in even the direst situations.

This opens the door to a great opportunity for venues you’re already integrating into. Places like performing arts centers, event centers, theaters and convention halls all need Electronic Message Centers. Transportation facilities like airports and train stations need them. Houses of worship, schools and universities use them. And of course, bars, restaurants, and retail stores all use Electronic Message Centers.

Whether you are planning emergency notification solutions, wayfinding solutions, or high-impact marketing solutions, Electronic Message Centers allow you to deliver a difference-making solution with a measurable ROI to your customers.

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