Temple House Creates an Immersive AV Canvas With Datapath Fx4 and Barco F90 Projectors


Datapath Fx4s are at the heart of the system, providing the processing power behind the jaw-dropping display canvases

“About 18 months ago we had a client request a full 360-degree, all-wall and ceiling projection mapping component for his private birthday party,” said Daniel Davidson, owner of The Temple House & United Projection. “We had used a third-party contractor for the projection mapping component and the guests of the event were absolutely 100 percent engaged in the fully immersive environment. The feedback that we received was nothing short of overwhelmingly positive, so as a consequence we decided to develop a permanent installation.”

Daniel Davidson added: “We are big fans of using Datapath hardware. The Fx4 is a tried and trusted piece of kit that provides the power and reliability for us to be creative in our own unique way.”

Davidson also explained how the Temple House’s unique Barco 14-projector system “provides 360-degree video and still imagery on all walls and the ceiling.” The software system uses professional-grade mapping and proprietary software to integrate mapping, blending, and content triggering software, “as well as both a hardware and software component for signal splitting and content distribution,” he said. “Once the system is properly installed, the client then needs to engage a firm for providing content.” Davidson and his team scoured the globe, traveling to the leading AV tradeshows, looking for the most advanced technology. “After reviewing all possible options,” he said, “Datapath was the clear winner with the best technology at a very fair price.”

Using this advanced technology, The Temple House can “take our clients to the Eiffel Tower for a French pastry, to the center of the Coliseum in Rome for a pasta dish, or underwater to swim alongside tropic fish — all in the course of just minutes,” Davidson concluded. “There is no limit to what we can do.”

Hardware used at Temple House:

• Datapath FX4 Video contorllers

• Barco F90 Projectors

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