Why You Need EV Speakers and Dynacord Amps

Being in the know is one thing. Being in the know on the right things is the real trick. Those of you who I have worked with, know that I am a bit of a gear skeptic and that I don’t beat around the bush.

Those who I haven’t had the pleasure of working with yet can put me to the test with these selections and news. With the constant noise of new product releases, it can be hard to filter what is important and what is not.

You have the big players, the little upstarts all yelling for attention. When the marketing glitz fades though, it is about meaningful products that can have an impact on your performance, your business, or your sanity.

Let me level with you here: Having three picks in three categories all from one company, Electro-Voice is astonishing, even to me. But after seeing all three of these, and the focused R&D that went into making them best in class without a single cut corner I the skeptic am a firm believer. Below, I will give you just the facts, and my opinion on WHY these are important to YOU.

Dynacord L and C Series Amps

Why? These Dynacord amps simply outperform the competition in the same price points, and with Coastal and Midwest distribution, you can get them faster, and with less issue than many other similar amps currently.

The Skinny.

EV has made good amps that sounded great but with drawbacks. They were heavy. They were super analog. They were not cost competitive. Reliable? Absolutely, but after a decade without change, they were not the amps you thought of as a “go-to”.

10 years of waiting for an update paid off. This is no joke. The L series is the Low Impedance, the C series is the 70V version. Full DSP, and paying homage to the ROCK SOLID analog roots with digital guts, these things smoke the competition in both price and performance (literally, I saw the competition smoke at a test firing at Infocomm17). With major changes in the recent amp world, this is one set of amps you need to try, and when you do you will have a new go-to favorite.

Power ranges from 2x650 up to 2x1800.

Made in Germany. Shipping from all over the US. Winner of Infocomm17 Best in Show.

Electro-Voice EVOLVE Speaker System

Made for DJ work, Mobile Entertainers, Small Clubs/Bands

Why? Because the EVOLVE system was designed from the ground up to be a system that outperforms anything else in the form factor. Period. That was the target they were after. “Build the single best sounding column package on the market at a greater value than anyone else.”

I have never been a huge fan of the portable column systems. Let me throw that out there. For the best in the market, the price points and my ears never lined up. I saw them as Niche, for those who needed the portability, and were willing to sacrifice either substantial dollars or audio quality. When I first got the opportunity to hear this I thought “Great, why are you making a me too product?” I was wrong. Very, incredibly wrong.

The package is sleek. Its sound is utterly impressive. I will say it, it is the best column package I have ever heard. You can push it hard, and it just keeps going. My opinion is not alone, everyone who I have talked to that has had a demo, has felt it was incredible.

If you sell column systems like this, or thought about it but didn’t want to set up to be a dealer for another vendor this is a no brainer. You must get these into your offering.

Killer sound. Small Package, Host of DSP, App Control, and streaming inputs for convenience. EV basically took every wish list item EVER and found a way to make it happen at a huge value.

Electro-Voice EVID-S Series. Installation in a Click

The Skinny


Wall speakers are typically boring. What is there? You bolt it to the wall, and it sounds good or it doesn’t. They are everywhere. The EVID family from EV you may hate or love those little footballs (there is little gray area there) but they did sound good, and they are reliable as all get out. What is new in this series, was another best in show award, the EVID S. It has a slightly more “traditional” look than other EVID models, but continuing the great sound and reliability benchmarks. Here is the real deal – it has all the sizes and power ratings you need. But if you install speakers like this regularly that is where this is amazing.

Pre-mount the plate. Bare wire push pins. A built-in Level. Paint cover for rough in… And then just click the speaker onto the plate. No other connections. No Terminal blocks to lose. No “my lead is too short out of the wall”. It is that simple. Just watch this 15-second video, it doesn’t lie on how easy this is. If you use commercial 70v speakers, you need to try these immediately upon shipping, as you will get in and get out faster – and that is a fact.

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