PEOPLEGURU Enhances Business Results With Logitech Meetup, Connect, and Brio

PeopleGuru, a cloud-based Human Capital Management (HCM) software company, is using Logitech MeetUp, Connect, and BRIO for multiple use cases—all with business-enhancing results. Logitech MeetUp delivers unprecedented versatility to PeopleGuru all-hands meetings with its exceptional audio/video quality and a super-wide 120° eld of view. PeopleGuru employees use Connect as a powerful, portable solution for ad hoc meetings virtually anywhere, and BRIO has enabled the company to create an innovative virtual receptionist in their lobby.


PeopleGuru is leveraging video collaboration to their advantage in multiple use cases, each with speci c challenges that Logitech technologies have helped solve, including uneven lighting environments, eld of view (FOV) limitations, portability, ease
of use, and overall quality.


BRIO with RightLightTM 3 and high dynamic range (HDR) technology solved sunlight/shadow challenges in the PeopleGuru lobby to support a motion-activated virtual receptionist. MeetUp’s super-wide 120°FOV is a huge success in the conference room,

and Connect is the go-to for grab-and-go portability.


Logitech video collaboration technology has enabled PeopleGuru to innovate (virtual receptionist), accommodate ( flexibility to move around a meeting room and still be seen), and enhance face-to-face interaction (amazing quality /ease of use) to bene t their business, employees, and customers.

“When we want to have a video call or do a web conference, we just want to plug in the equipment and have it work. That’s where Logitech really excels: people are able to connect quickly and easily without having to struggle with technology. Plus, the audio and video quality is amazing.”

Ted Arent Guru PeopleGuru

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