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PTZ Cameras are essential gear for everything from huddle spaces to large venue houses of worship, but not every PTZ camera meets you and your customer’s needs. Well, we are here to help you sort through the confusion by showing you precisely which models have huge demand, where that demand is, and why. Do not miss out on expectations. Have the right PTZ camera for the right job.


What's New


The HuddleCam Go PTZ Camera

Where: Team Rooms and Small Collaboration Hubs in Business.

Why? Huddlecam Go is designed for the Huddle Room. The latest all-in-one conference camera from HuddleCamHD, the HuddleCam Go turns any Mac, PC or Chromebook into a robust video conferencing system.

With single USB cable connectivity, Huddlecam Go delivers crystal clear video and audio with the perfect combination of compatibility and ease of use. Teams will appreciate the fact that there are no drivers or setup needed! Just plug it in, fire up your favorite conferencing software and Go. The HuddleCam GO the complete system has been designed around a single USB 2.0 connection that supplies power, video, and audio. And it automatically installs the necessary drivers for use with virtually any software.

It is also portable!

What's Hot


JVC’s Robotic PTZ Camera

Where: Churches that need great image, control,  streaming.

Why? In the modern HOW, cameras can be put to the test. Lighting conditions vary and image capture must be able to adapt. Typically a PTZ  camera we be controlled by volunteers as well. With so much to go wrong, many churches are left to spend more, or make a sacrifice in quality. Not so with this camera from JVC.

This camera is able to be controlled via most standard controllers and networks. Where it shines is on the price and performance ratio. No matter what conditions you throw at it, it does one thing and that keeps performing. If you are looking for an image upgrade, it is not just about going HD, it is about color correctness, light performance, and the ability to adapt from a wide shot to a clear 30x zoom quickly and reliably. There are never any complaints or sacrifices with this model. HD-SDI, HDMI, and Network outputs mean that you can easily get the signal where you need it to go, without worry or hassle. Perfect for the last-minute upgrade!

Available in black and white housings, the KY-PZ100 features a 1/2.8-inch CMOS sensor and 30x optical zoom lens, and its f/1.6-4.7 maximum aperture delivers excellent low-light performance. It streams up to 1080p/60 video at a variety of bit rates and supports on-board HD recording at up to 50 Mbps to a MicroSDHC/SDXC media card.


What You're Missing Out On

Don’t Miss Out on the VDO360 TeamCam

Where: Team Collaboration Rooms and Huddle Spaces

Why? Building on the lineage of the Compass series, TeamCam is addressing the needs of the small team and huddle spaces with the TeamCam VPTZH-05.

These team spaces, or “huddle rooms,” have requirements that larger visual collaboration spaces and conference rooms simply don’t. We call them Huddle Rooms because everyone must huddle tightly to be in the camera view. These spaces can make it a challenging way to communicate and require a camera designed to fit that kind of space specifically. With the multitude of Huddle Rooms compared to Boardrooms, the pricing pressure to outfit many of these spaces is important.

With the TeamCam everyone can relax and participate. With a distortion-free wide-angle lens featuring a 90-degree field of view, most of the room is covered – and with its enterprise-grade pan and tilt motors, a 3X digital zoom and rapid preset recall, the rest of the room is available as well at any time during the meeting.

This is truly an enterprise-grade product designed from the ground up. Not something modified from consumer-grade gear. The TeamCam gives you a professionally built option for a REAL PTZ camera, that meets the value proposition required for mass deployments or maximizing budgets!

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