How to Extend USB Video the Right Way

You know the situation. If you are putting in a USB appliance such as a camera in a room, and you find out that the cable run from the camera to its destination is just a hair longer than the spec, what do you do?

With USB 2.0 standards you had fifteen meters, which was a decent run, but with so many USB 3.0 appliances coming out with a tiny three-meter maximum distance, this has become a common occurrence.

Sure, you can push it with a longer cable and hope it works. But for your customers’ user experience, a drop-out during use could be a major show stopper and a huge source of frustration. Or it could lose you a day of work while you try and order in a solution to fix it. Either way, it is a hassle that should be avoided.

Now there are many solutions you might have tried. I know many on the team here have gone through the wringer looking for a USB extension that JUST WORKS. End of story.

When you need to get the job done, it is about three things: reliability, value, and simplicity. So in our testing, we have broken down the best solution to have on hand that is useful for every USB install, especially cameras.

ICRON is by far one of the bestselling USB extension manufacturers, and for good reason. Their products are focused on USB. That is what they do and they do it better than anyone else. Here is the breakdown for the right products, for your project – be it USB2.0 extension, USB3.0 extension, or USB3.0 REALLY LONG extension.

All your bases are covered. And you can try these risk-free with your next camera purchase!

USB2.0 Distance up to 100m over a cat 5 Model ICRON USB2.0 RANGER (Item #2211)

USB3.0 Distance up to 100m (cable is integrated/included) Model ICRON Spectra (Item #3001-15)

USB3.0 Fiber Distance up to 1000m (fiber not included) Model ICRON  Spectra Fiber (Item #3022)

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