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Today, life as we know it is based on a series of purchases that allow each of us to envision ourselves as more successful, more accomplished and frankly, wealthier. We all want a bigger house or condo, we want a nicer and perhaps faster car, we want bling. Maybe you have your eye on a new watch or a pair of Italian shoes. Maybe you want one of those new iPhone X devices, or it could be that it’s a new designer handbag. I know my wife Marna always seems to have her eye on those.

In business, the “bling” comes in different flavors. It could be faster and more powerful computers, how about a ClickShare in every room? It even could be an office makeover. But, at the end of the day, those things don’t have the “wow-factor” of that Jaguar, BMW or even the Louis Vuitton purse.

So, what does it for you when you walk into a corporate office or meeting facility? I don’t think you look at the rug quality, or the new cubicles or office furniture. But, I’ll bet that a big video wall would take your breath away!

I was absolutely amazed to watch dozens upon dozens of people walking out of Best Buy with new, large UHD TVs when I was there recently. You see, everybody wanted a bigger and cooler flat-panel TV. That says a lot to me. It says that a big screen speaks loudly to almost everyone when it comes to the “wow-factor.” This is clearly one of the items that shows off success, accomplishment and tells the world “you have arrived.”

There’s only one problem with that big screen display. They only come so big.

When I wanted to watch my beloved Buffalo Bills games on a bigger screen, I had to go with a projector. I got a 109” electric screen and a 3000 lumens HD projector. It works for me. But, make no mistake about it. It doesn’t look anywhere near as good as a nice LCD display. I know that, but last I looked there was no 109” LCD available, and if there was, I couldn’t afford it. You can get 105” UHD TVs now, but they cost $120,000. So, what if I wanted or needed a bigger picture for my offices or my event facility? Welcome to the world of video walls.

Now, you can give your customers that wow-factor in whatever size fits their need. You can size them to fit their environment and their use case. They look much better than large projected images, and they are rapidly becoming affordable for everyone. But, among AV professionals, there’s always been a stigma with video walls. That’s because there is a processor involved. Processors require programming. Programming requires programmers. Much like control systems, this has never been an easy sell to dealers that are not heavily invested in programming. This is where our new offering from Digibird comes in.

Most video wall control processors are designed on a computer platform, running Windows or Linux. Not Digibird. These video wall controllers are all hardware based, so there’s no embedded computer, no operating system, and no software to load, maintain, and God forbid, crash. Digibird is built to last for even the most “mission critical” applications.

So, when you have an opportunity to provide a really big screen display solution, you’ll want to take a good look at Digibird.

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