Introducing the AVer VB342 All In One Conferencing Camera

The AVer VB342 is a Professional USB, Plug-N-Play Camera Audio in soundbar form.

The VB342 is an affordable, professional-grade USB soundbar optimized to deliver a next-generation camera and audio experience.
It is compatible with all of your favorite applications connecting to virtually any desktop or laptop, via a single USB cable.

The 165° viewable area from motorized pan and tilt easily captures everything in the room. The camera also features up to 3 presets. 

It features super sharp 4k resolutions and accurate color. Finally the term “Like looking through glass” is pretty true to form thanks to the VB342 using high-quality sensors and multi-lens glass to produce the sharpest and most accurate image ever.

Optimized for voice communication, the sound coming from the speakers is natural and smooth.

The microphone has up to 12 feet of voice pick up which is perfect for huddle spaces. The advanced array microphones and full-duplex speakerphone effectively capture audio through the entire room. In addition, there is support optional expansion microphone if you'd like to reach farther.

  • The best USB camera and stereo soundbar for under $1000 with no compromises.
  • Fully plug-and-play. 1 USB cable connects to this elegant soundbar to deliver camera, speakerphone, display connection with no hanging cables.
  • Easiest control natively in app, by remote control and buttons directly on the unit.

Did you know you can try the AVer VB342 absolutely free for 30 days through Starin? Well you can. Simply fill out the form below and Starin will send you a unit to try for free for 30 days. If you like it, keep it and we will send you an invoice. If not Send it back, no questions asked. It's that simple.

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