Case Study | The Tech Museum Connects Students with Logitech MeetUp and GROUP


The Tech Museum, an interactive science and technology center located in Silicon Valley, installed Logitech GROUP, MeetUp and PTZ Pro 2 to support video collaboration for external meetings and global sales/donation interactions. Based on overwhelmingly positive user experiences, use cases are expanding throughout the organization.


As a landmark for visitors seeking a glimpse of the most inventive place on Earth—Silicon Valley—the Tech Museum was keen to adopt video conferencing for external collaboration and global sales/donation interactions. Essential selection criteria included quality, ease-of-use, and affordability.


The Tech Museum built their Zoom-compatible solution around MeetUp, Logitech’s super-wide 120° field of view ConferenceCam for huddle rooms and small conference spaces, and Logitech GROUP, the amazingly affordable ConferenceCam for larger-sized conference rooms.


The Tech Museum’s AV/Collaboration team rates Logitech video and audio quality as “amazing!”. As word spreads throughout the organization, the ease-of-use, plug-and-play compatibility with Zoom, and overall quality is driving new uses and an expanding role for everyday video collaboration.

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San Jose, California

Logitech MeetUp
Logitch GROUP
Logitech PTZ Pro 2


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