Pro Audio Newsletter - EV RE3


Electro-Voice (Telex) has long been an innovator and leader in the wireless world, and the new RE3 lives up to that pedigree. This much-anticipated launch includes so many new features that simply changing the model number from RE2 to RE3 hardly does it justice.

Sturdy metal handheld transmitters boast a detailed LCD display that shows frequency, battery strength, and more. Swappable capsules include ND76, ND86, and ND96 (dynamic) as well as the new RE420 and RE520 (condenser). The body pack is made from durable-cast magnesium with a similar LCD display and utilizes the same TA4F connector as previous EV wireless systems. This design allows for existing lavs, headsets, and instrument cables to be used seamlessly with the new system. Both transmitters offer sensitivity adjustment from -15 dB to +15 dB in 3-dB increments. While both transmitters can accommodate standard AA batteries, both also feature recharge contacts and an optional charger. Transmitters also have an “Auto Off” option to save power.

The rugged receiver has a large LCD display that shows more information than found on any previous RE series system. At a glance, the operator can quickly see the frequency, group, channel, battery strength, receiver output adjustable in 1-dB increments), antenna status, transmitter status, and keylock. The receiver syncs to transmitters via IR at the touch of a button, and the sync parameters are selectable. A pair of BNC connectors allow for powered or passive antenna attachment, and rack mount hardware comes standard.

The system offers a robust 36 MHz of tunable bandwidth in two of the bands available in the United States, allowing for 1440 tunable frequencies at 10 or 50 mW. Uniquely, a third band, which takes advantage of the duplex gap of 643 to 653 MHz in accordance with the FCC’s 20-mW requirement, allows wireless users to take back some of the spectra lost when using other systems. Selecting clear frequencies could not be simpler with the “Scan All Groups” function. This feature quickly scans the entire bandwidth of the system and displays available channels for each group, making the operation of multiple systems painless. Frequencies can also be manually set in 25-kHz steps for people who want to coordinate frequencies. A more sophisticated squelch is standard on the new RE3 as well. There are 15 steps that allow for a user to select a fairly loose tolerance or a very tight one, thus supporting increased usability and flexibility in today’s RF environment.

The RE3 rolls out with a large selection of accessories, including an active antenna combiner with cascade, a passive combiner, active and passive log periodic antennas, a two-slot battery charger, and a front-mount antenna kit. Whether for small- or large-channel count, the RE3 is a powerful yet affordable solution with unparalleled ease of use and cost-to-feature ratio.

Michael Doucot ElectroVoice

Product Marketing Manager – Portable Speakers & Microphones