3 Steps to Better Design for Mass Notification, Paging and Clocks for Any School.

Safety in schools is always about communications and planning. A School Paging system is critical, but a boring system that is always present. Along with that are the clocks, and in most cases a “want or need” for true mass or visual notification, though there isn’t always the budget.

What most schools expect when updating or breaking ground on new buildings, unfortunately, is more of the same. It is what we have all accepted as a status quo. However, there is a rapid shift in this expectation, as we see a massive surge in functionality with true IP based endpoints. Suddenly there is a host of features that schools need, that are now easily within reach and budget.

Change Expectations and Deliver Exceptionally.

If you are tired of the same old or have put off getting into these core education systems for any reason now is the time to stop and reevaluate. This is now the time, where hundreds of these installs are happening, and there is more demand than there are providers. You can be a part of bringing in this new tide of safety, engagement, and functionality. The “same old” we have grown accustomed to is dead, and we have entered the new generation of expectations!

The Barriers to Entry are Removed.

If you work in education or provide technology to education partners it is now easier than ever to take the mystery out of these systems, and offer expanded capabilities at lower price points without any learning curve. You should be asking how, and here are three steps to answer!

1. One Device Combines All Solutions

Instead of having Paging, Bells, Scheduling, Clocks and Mass notification as separate systems that get tied together and take days to design, true IP based solutions combine it all. One Single Network device has all the intelligence built in. 2-way paging, Call buttons, Direct connection to SIP phones, time and scheduling and more are all standard. Plug it into the network, and your system comes alive. Instead of looking to make things talk together, you have a complete solution that scales just by adding more devices. You design only one system, to deliver these needs.

2. The Answer is Yes.

“Can I trigger Lockdowns? Does this integrate with my SIP Phone system? Can I add more units? Can multiple locations have a common control? Can I use my existing Software?

There are hundreds of questions. You do not have to be a master of the solution to be able to say yes to just about all of them. Having standards-based IP endpoints mean that the really useful wish list items are now not just dreams, but the new status quo. Next question is always budget: “Can we afford it?” and that answer in most cases is Yes as well as by combining all of your solutions and needs, these are no longer small projects, but the total costs are typically well under their analog counterparts. Do not think this is a premium priced solution. We have passed the tipping point!

3. You Are Not Alone.

Most people miss the opportunity for positive changes because of a fear of the complication, or the unknown. “Rather safe than sorry” is the theme. This could never be truer than now, however. There are thousands of these systems installed, and you don’t need to be an expert, or even go through classes to be able to Specify, install, or use these systems. All you need is a need. The teams at Starin are experts in this technology. If you have a need, that is the only first step. “I think I have a need for paging this might work for…” is the only thing you must identify. From there, our teams can help you identify, build, and bring a complete solution to your need. We are in it for the long haul, and there is no risk, and virtually no time sink for you. There is no downside for you.

Getting Started is a Single Step.

Now if can think of just one single need, for any of the features an IP system can provide you are ready to realize and join this movement in change. I can show you how easy this is to get started. Pick the path that works best for you.


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