How Do You Stop Worrying About Getting All Those Project Designs and Quotes Done?

We have all been there, and visit that feeling regularly. “I have two hours, do I complete the church audio quote, the new restaurant/bar job, or the corporate paging? Which is the biggest? Which has the highest close?

I have found myself in this very situation over and over. Deadlines, meetings, and expectations piled up, and all the while you have a steady stream of projects which you need to design fast. Each is unique in most mays and requires proper planning, but when the rubber meets the road I could just not give them all the same due diligence.            

Do you ever get that sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach when you look at your workload of projects and know that there is just no way you are going to get it all done?

Open opportunities that you need to close, new project designs and requests that may or may not come true, but if you don’t get around to quoting them, you know they will never turn into productive jobs; and you scramble trying to make it all done, but leave some loose ends that keep you working late, or up at night?

Now you might think like I did, the best option is to find the happy middle of which designs are the biggest dollars, and have the highest likely hood of actually closing. That leaves money on the table though potentially, and no one wants to leave valuable work and income floating in the limbo.

So how then did I get it all done? Extra hours? There are only so many of those you can give. Speed through without proper considerations? That costs more money in the end.

I went outside the box.

Not just the box of time or workload, or my cubicle, or my dept. I went outside and leveraged the support of those who I knew could get the job done and yet had a vested interest in my success. If I win, they win. And in many cases, they had the bandwidth to help on a regular basis. I knew my contacts and manufacturers and those that had a primary portion of this potential project were willing to help. Sure one size didn’t fit all, but taking chunks of the workload off helped. It helped a lot. Suddenly, I also had new perspectives, fresh ideas, I learned some tricks and tips, and in the end had better designs and quotes completed faster. I was out the door and back to my family on time.

It was simple and profound, and I wondered how I had made the mistake of not doing it sooner.

Now in a new position, I am reflecting on my time getting stuck in the mud and working under the gun and realize that the network of friends and partners I have made at Starin, have the same willingness to work with all of our partner dealers like you.

So how can you put this to work in your situation? If you have a project or two hanging out there, even a smaller job that you are not sure you can get to such as a bar project, or a K12 gym, or a small sanctuary, you name it and provide the details to your team here, we will work on it quickly and effectively.

Your success is ours. You don’t have to give us the project, you don’t have to give us them all. Just take the next one you have hanging out, and give us a try. We can take some of that work as your back-end team. We will be happy to check it out, put together the recommendations and products with the many products you have available to you from Starin, and get you a quote to review.  There is no risk in thinking outside your box, and of course, you have the right to refuse but when you can get out on time and have every task buttoned up at the end of the week, I think it’s an opportunity and value you will be happy with.


Send us your project details now for a quick turn around.

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