Case Study | See How McLaren Group Globally Collaborates Using Logitech and Zoom

McLaren Group leverages Logitech Video Collaboration solutions and desktop peripherals to boost innovation, creativity, and collaboration.

British high-technology company McLaren Group is among the foremost innovators in Formula One racing and applied automotive technologies. With a global brand known for excellence, McLaren Group uses a wide array of Logitech products to create a high-performance culture, and enable individuals and teams to achieve their best.


As McLaren expanded globally, it was increasingly challenged to improve collaboration between offices, remote workers, agencies and track-side teams. The company also wanted to empower staff with tools better suited to the modern workplace and unique job functions. Whether on the raceway or in the office, leveraging technology to gain a competitive edge was a key focus for McLaren.

To achieve these goals, McLaren’s IT team sought to video-enable every meeting space across its worldwide operations. The solution would have to scale, remain within budget parameters, be supportable globally, and match the McLaren's design and brand aesthetic. Another key factor included compatibility with the wide range of cloud video platforms (including Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business, and Zoom) used by its employee, contractor and partner base.

The McLaren IT team also recognized the limitations of the traditional "one size fits all" approach to end-user peripherals. With a highly-diverse workforce composed of specialists ranging from chief design architects to pit crew managers, legacy peripherals proved ill-suited to the needs and requirements of a diverse and modern user base.


McLaren Group leverages Logitech Video Collaboration solutions and desktop peripherals to boost innovation, creativity, and collaboration.

Logitech USB-connected conference cams were installed in environments ranging from for large boardrooms to huddle spaces, and Logitech 4K webcams were deployed to user desktops and trackside teams. Additionally, the Logitech A/V touch control console for Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business was installed in meeting rooms, where the one-touch join was imperative for users.


The combination of Logitech Video Collaboration tools and desktop peripherals have unlocked a deeper level of productivity and teamwork at McLaren. By giving users more intuitive and streamlined ways to perform and collaborate, far-flung teams can now work together as if they were in the same room. Desktop peripherals tailored to each employee’s unique requirements allow them to perform more productively and comfortably. Reliability, ease of use and design integrity are implicit in each Logitech solution, aligning the tools users leverage every day with McLaren’s own values, and providing their teams an edge that maximizes performance and innovation in a highly demanding industry.

"What a lot of people don’t realize is that McLaren is really a technology company. We rely on a team of world-class technology specialists to keep us at the cutting edge. As CIO, part of my role is to make sure that IT is an enabling force. Ensuring our teams can communicate and collaborate with ease is a big part of that. Logitech’s systems have become an integral part of how we work here at McLaren." - Karen McElhatton, Group Chief Information Officer,
McLaren Group




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