Case Study | Apostolic Church Replaces Projection System With Direct View LED Video Displays

Project Summary

Apostolic Church of Barberton, OH was looking for a video display system to replace their outdated projection equipment. After working through the challenges of hunting for a better projection solution, considering the space and use of the display, and comparing price versus quality for both Direct-view LED video displays and projection technology, the Apostolic Church chose Neoti for LED video walls.

About Apostolic Church

The Apostolic Church of Barberton, OH is a lively church that accommodates about 1500 people in a 180° seating arrangement. Apostolic Church leaders use their display systems as a communication tool to broadcast video announcements, identify speakers, display music lyrics, show scriptures, present informational slides, and provide instruction during worship services.

The Challenge

Paul Pamer, Senior Pastor of Apostolic Church along with church leadership were in the market for a new quality projector that could accommodate the space and compete with the significant amount of ambient lighting they were struggling with on a weekly basis. Since attendees of the church are frequently invited to move toward the front during service, the screen had to be crisp and clear from a distance as well as up close.

With all of these requirements in mind, Apostolic Church leaders started pricing the type of projection necessary to meet their needs. The price of such high caliber projection seemed out of reach for church leaders. After weighing their options, LED was considered the best choice.

The Solution

Apostolic Church leaders discovered that when they compared costs, the cost of LED video display was attainable from where they were with projection. The Church did some additional research and gave Neoti a call. Neoti listened to their needs and provided them with the right LED Video Display product to meet their needs.

The Results

Apostolic Church’s Neoti LED displays have been well received. The new video displays have truer blacks, increased color contrast, and edge to edge color. The screens are easily read up close and far away and shine bright despite the abundance of ambient light.

“Don’t buy a projector until you look at an LED wall.” - Paul Pamer, Senior Pastor of Apostolic Church

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