Helping Your Church Live Stream Q&A

Can I run control, Power & receive your video through the same Cat 6cable?

Yes, you most certainly can.

Is there a fee for the online streaming platforms mentioned?(YouTube/Facebook/OBS/Vmax/WireCast/

Vimix Wirecast and Restream stream are services that require a premium. Youtube and Facebook are free to stream. OBS is open source free software.

These cameras are SDI.  Is that analog or digital Serial Data Interface?

Digital 3G-SDI

Camera Novice here, differences and advantages of SDI/NDI?

Network Device Interface (NDI) is a royalty-free software standard developed by NewTek to enable video-compatible products to communicate, deliver, and receive broadcast-quality video in high quality, low latency manner that is frame-accurate and suitable for switching in a live production environment. While SDI is a professional video signal in production environments typically chosen for its longer range (up to 300 feet) and reliability over HDMI. It’s also a favorite for many pros due to its locking connectors. SDI is an extremely high-quality (broadcast quality) signal over coax cable (BNC connectors). It does not support HDCP so it is only good for locally originated video. NDI is a subset of ethernet transport that utilized standard network connectivity.

When selling this idea to a church board, how would you explain in layman’s terms the difference between a cheap USB camera and one from PTZ Optics? 

Better Optics deliver better quality. Standard USB cameras are designed for use on a monitor not for a large setting. Larger sensor in a PTZ Optics (or similar) camera allows greater light gathering capability and therefore performs much better in changing lighting conditions such as are often found in houses of worship and event venues.

Is anyone using QR codes for giving links for online services? 

QR Codes are a popular marketing tool because the barcode can store phone numbers, addresses, and URLs. With a camera-enabled smartphone, users can scan the QR Code which has been coded to do things like display text, provide contact data or even open a webpage in the browser on the smartphone. I do not have an example to provide of giving links using QR codes.

Why do I need both the Ethernet and SDI cable on a single camera?

You do not NEED both cables, however, the best quality video signal comes from the SDI port. The ethernet port provides streaming video and camera control. Streaming video is a highly compressed video and not of SDI (broadcast) quality. Camera control can also be obtained via RS-232 serial cable, or wirelessly via IR  


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