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Barco ClickShare Conference

Barco is about to expand the ClickShare family and revolutionize conferencing with the introduction of a brand new range of ClickShares. ClickShare Conference is all about wireless conferencing and BYOM (Bring Your Own Meeting), as it allows you to join any type of video conference from your own familiar device, whether you are in huddle, a meeting room or a board room. ClickShare Conference works seamlessly with your videoconferencing software, your camera brand, your laptop, and most importantly, makes remote meeting as intuitive as having a face-to-face meeting.

  • ClickShare Wireless Conferencing Button and Collaboration App
  • A brand-new experience revolutionizing the way we have remote meetings
  • Bring Your Own Meeting to any room, local or remote, for both guests and employees
  • Triple-agnostic and flexible: set up meetings from your laptop using your preferred conferencing software, connecting in an easy way to the meeting room hardware
  • Enterprise-grade: highly secure, connected and cloud managed

With Starin, you won’t miss out on exclusive access to Barco’s new intuitive system—ClickShare Conference wireless! As one of our select partners, get exclusive access before anyone else by filling out the Barco Dealer Agreement Amendment.

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