Pro Audio Newsletter - Top 4 Things I Enjoy About the Pro AV Industry

Yes, I’m a woman in the audio industry - a somewhat scarce phenomenon. But despite that, you could say I blend in well with the “passionate about audio”, “enjoying silly jokes” and “occasionally wearing a ponytail” guys. I have always enjoyed technology and science, and from all technical industries, I think audio is a bit of a special place. Here are the top 4 things that make me specifically enjoy the industry.

1.    The people

System integrators, distributors, retailers, rental partners, end-users…there is quite the variety of people, all with their own connections to the audio industryBecause Bosch encompasses multiple specialized audio brands, a large user group is reached. This got me in touch with a great mix of people with different backgrounds, different needs and different topics to exchange. I’ve sat in on meetings with guys in suits in a boardroom, and had meetings with tech people back stage while sitting on flight cases discussing amplifier rack solutions. 

As far as these worlds seem apart, most audio people have one thing in common; they know their business in and out and are extremely passionate in executing their profession. This creates a mix of fruitful discussions, experience exchanges, and latest gadget conversations—in a slang that might scare away some people from outside of our industry. All in all, it’s a dynamic that never gets old.

2.    Amplifiers

Tucked away in the tech room, under-stage or in the corner of the venue – amplifiers are probably the least visible part of the audio system. Traditionally, a workhorse in a black box.

This "black box" first started fascinating me when I worked as marketing manager, preparing to launch the Dynacord brand to the US market. Many people were involved in getting the brand and portfolio prepared for international impact. My focal point was to make this launch a success in the US market – a goal to which I felt personally invested.      

I enjoy making myself familiar with technologies and soon realized how big of an impact the electronics have on the performance and functionality of the audio system. The conjunction of hardware and software presents such a wide freedom of movement to invent – to tweak – to make a difference. Many of the design choices are not visible to the bare eye, but will for sure have their impact on the performance. It’s almost like wine – all bottles and ingredient lists look the same, until you taste the difference.

Personal favorite; Dynacord IPX.    

3.    Technology

Audio has been around for so long, and my stereo speakers look the same as the ones my granddad used, so how much innovation can there really be in audio? Boy, was I wrong.
Every single time I visit a trade show, I am fascinated by all the novelties you can find there. New waveguide designs, smart software solutions, optimized energy efficiency and elegant system integrations. I think especially now, the industry is going through major developments. Systems are becoming increasingly integrated and increasingly connected. 

For a person who enjoys creativity and technology, this industry is one big playground.

Personal favorite; Automatic Saturation Compensation

4.    Music

To me, music is what brings everything we work on to life. Seeing our products in use, adding to the atmosphere of the evening, just continues to remind me how cool my job really is. I am that annoying friend that will proudly point out the speakers in a restaurant – Every. Single. Time. Aren’t all good memories made with good music playing in the background?

Personal favorite; Tom Odell - Another Love (Zwette Edit)

By Elien Vergeer

Former North-America Marketing Manager for Installed Audio and Touring at Bosch Communications Systems. Elien now holds the role of Global Product Manager for Commercial Electronics. Bosch Communications Systems encompasses multiple audio brands; Bosch, Dynacord, Electro-Voice, RTS and Telex.